United Nations Committee on Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Issues

A vast proportion of the world lives behind bars. Are these people justly imprisoned for criminal acts or are they innocent? The imprisonment of political prisoners, minorities arrested for nothing more than their heritage, long sentences for small crimes, these are the challenges you are facing? The Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee must decide what makes one type of imprisonment more just than another. Who stays locked up while another goes free? The fate of millions of detainees’ rests on your decisions.



The SOCHUM committee strives to protect the rights of prisoners who have been historically oppressed for generations. The United Nations recognizes that these prisoners are especially at risk to issues such as cruel punishments, lack of legal rights, violence etc. In this committee, delegates should write resolutions reforming international prison law, with emphasis on safeguarding these prisoner’s rights, bearing in mind the active role of religious, cultural and legal forces.

Position Papers

All delegates in General Assembly committees are required to write and submit a position paper one week prior to AmeriMUNC VI. This position paper should be a broad overview of your country's formal stance on the topic being discussed in committee. The position paper should also give a description of actions taken by your country to address the committee topic, and how you plan to respond to this topic in committee. 

The deadline for all position paper submissions will be Friday, January 25th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST. Position papers should be submitted via a portal that will become available in early January. General Assembly chairs will take the quality of position papers into account when deciding awards.

Meet the Dais

Brindha Kodlapur

Brindha is an undergraduate at American University pursuing a major in International Relations with a minor in Finance. For the past four years, she has been competing on the national circuit for Model UN in high school and continues to compete on AU's Model UN team. Outside of MUN, Brindha is the co-founder of Unapologetically Female, an international feminist organization that is affiliated as a CSO with the United Nations in New York. In her free time, she loves giving midnight monumenting tours, eating Laduree Macaroons, and binge watching episodes of Gossip Girl.

Vivien Yousif

Vivien is an undergraduate at American University studying Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government in the School of Public Affairs. She is a Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholar and an AU Honors student. Before coming to American, she was the president of her high school Model United Nations team in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She is now a chair for AmeriMUNC and WIRC at American University. She hopes to practice labor and employment law in the future with a special focus on representing minority communities who are traditionally under-represented in workplace negotiations. Outside of school and Model UN, Vivien loves playing and composing music, traveling, and baking.