Bigger isn't always better. We deliberately cap the size of the conference for a more authentic experience. Our promise is simple: no GA will have more than 40 delegations and no crisis simulation will have more than 20 participants. 



Model UN for the 21st Century: One Interconnected Simulation.

Unlike other Model United Nations Conferences, AmeriMUNC’s 31 committees exist in one simulated universe. Whether it’s a crisis note from President Trump’s Cabinet or a working paper in DISEC, any action— big or small — has the ability to affect every committee. It’s our take on a more realistic Model UN simulation.   

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Hyper-realistic No-nonsense Committees.

Here at AmeriMUNC our simulation has three rules: no fantasy, no midnight crises, and no killing other delegates in committee. Model UN deserves so much more than cookie-cutter general assemblies and cringe worthy fantasy crises; we believe that Model UN should be about organizing hyper-realistic simulations of real bodies facing pressing issues, all based in vivid research-based debate. 


Up to 15 crisis positions per delegation. Guaranteed. 

While individual schools can request up to 40 crisis positions, AmeriMUNC guarantees each delegation 15 crisis positions. That being said, advisors are more than welcome to register less than 15 or no crisis positions at all. AmeriMUNC's registration process is about choice. At registration, advisors can choose how many crisis and GA positions they wish to have allocated to their delegation. Just like we have schools who bring all-crisis delegations, we have schools who bring entirely GA delegations as well. 

An Award Winning Staff.

The American University Model United Nations team is proud to be ranked 5th in North America.  It’s no wonder why our staff of 180 has competed at over 1,000 conferences and won more than 600 individual awards during their time competing at various Model UN conferences.

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As a delegate at AmeriMUNC, what really stood out was how I was surrounded by incredibly friendly and passionate people who also loved international relations. Because of this, I guess you could say that AmeriMUNC was the deciding reason I choose to attend American University.
— Jackson Malmgren | Poolesville High School Class of 2017 | American University Class of 2021

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Registration Opens May 1st for Returning Delegations.

AmeriMUNC is proud to have one of the highest delegation retention rates on the high school Model United Nations circuit. And while we love welcoming new schools to our conference each year, we believe that an essential part of AmeriMUNC experience is letting delegates interact with the same delegates year after year. To ensure that all returning schools are given the chance to experience this aspect of AmeriMUNC, our registration process utilizes a two period system. Early Registration will open on May 1st and close on May 31st; only returning schools are eligible to participate in early registration. Regular Registration will begin on June 1st, and will be open to all schools, regardless of their previous participation in AmeriMUNC. Delegate fees are the same in both Early and Regular Registration: the only difference is that returning schools are given guaranteed registration in Early Registration, whereas in Regular Registration, AmeriMUNC may hit capacity at any time, voiding a school’s ability to participate in AmeriMUNC for that year. 

Important Dates

May 1st, 2019

June 1st, 2019

December 1st, 2019

December 1st, 2019

January 1st, 2020

January 6th, 2029

January 31, 2020

Registration Opens for Returning Delegations

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