The United Nations Economic and Financial Affairs Council

It helps kill millions every year and addicts many more. Drugs. More specifically the illicit drug trade is not only a hazard to the wellbeing of people everywhere, but it is a lucrative economic endeavor. How can this trade be stopped when a war against it has been waged for decades? The Economic and Financial Committee seeks to find a monetary solution to ending this practice. Would legalizing drugs bring in more tax revenue or will tough talk and economic sanctions bring the drug lords to their knees. The fate of the a billion dollar industry is in your hands.



In the Economic Finance committee, delegates will be charged with the difficult task of solving problems regarding sustainable farming. More importantly, how sustainable farms can impact the cultivation of poppy and cocoa plants. These two crops account for the majority of livelihoods and incomes of families in the Golden Crescent, and the Golden Triangle. We are looking for resolutions that find ways to implement and encourage sustainable farming, while discouraging families from growing narcotic-focused crops. Particular attention should be paid to drug cartels, gangs, limiting drug use and the link between illegal drug use and economic stability.

Position Papers

All delegates in General Assembly committees are required to write and submit a position paper one week prior to AmeriMUNC VI. This position paper should be a broad overview of your country's formal stance on the topic being discussed in committee. The position paper should also give a description of actions taken by your country to address the committee topic, and how you plan to respond to this topic in committee. 

The deadline for all position paper submissions will be Friday, January 25th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST. Position papers should be submitted via a portal that will become available in early January. General Assembly chairs will take the quality of position papers into account when deciding awards.

Meet the Dais

Lily Hart

Lily is an undergraduate at American University and is double majoring in Political Science and Arabic. Lily was a General Assembly chair for American University’s WIRC conference this past fall. Lily is a part of AU Dems and YDSA on campus, and loves to swim. All throughout high school she participated in Model U.N., and is now a chair for AmeriMUNC. In her free time, she likes to go to the National Portrait Museum with friends, and try new D.C. restaurants.

Elle Kalisz

Elle is a Sophomore at American University in the School of International Service and College of Arts and Sciences where she is majoring in International Studies and Graphic Design, respectively. She is also minoring in Data Analytics. This is Elle's second year chairing at AmeriMUNC, but definitely the year she's most excited for. Over the summer she worked directly for the economic and finance council at UN Head Quarters in New York! Elle is originally from Antioch, IL and if you’ve never heard of it, that's okay because no one has. Stuck right on the border between Illinois and Wisconsin, neither state wants to claim her. Elle joined Model UN her Junior year of high school, after winning a national title on the Speech and Debate circuit. Elle currently serves as the Head Delegate of American Universities Model Arab League Team. She is also a senior staffer for AmeriMUNC, AU Ambassador/Tour Guide and in her lack of other free time is a Nanny. Fun fact: Elle is closely related to Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute on the Office) and once shouted the minimum wage in Wisconsin to Paul Ryan from the front row when he forgot it in front of thousands of people (and went viral).