We've moved websites! You can find the Washington International Relations Conference at wirc.amerimunc.com


Our Mission

The Washington International Relations Conference (WIRC) is a one-day training conference hosted by American University. The goals of this conference are to provide simple but engaging simulations of international politics, and to cultivate interest in Model United Nations in the Washington, DC metro area. 


Dates & Location

Saturday, November 4, 2017

American University
School of International Service
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016



Throughout the day, delegates will have an opportunity to attend a workshop session designed specifically for their experience level and then implement their new skills in an afternoon simulation. 


  1. Personalized morning training sessions! Faculty advisors can help delegates choose which first session (MUN 101, MUN 201, Crisis, or Leadership Development) and which second session to attend (Public Speaking, Committee Writing, or Committee Research). This allows for a personalized training experience based on a delegate’s experience and interests.

  2. Application of learned skills! After the workshop sessions, delegates get to employ their new knowledge. WIRC offers various committees and topics on a breadth of subjects to let delegates practice what we preach: a diplomatic and collaborative approach to Model UN.

  3. Experienced staff members! We *WIRC* hard to bring you the best and brightest Model UN chairs and staff members from American University. Passionate and engaged in the heart of Washington DC, our team knows Model UN and can’t wait to impact the next generation of delegates.