AmeriMUNC Junior Staff Application

Thank you for your interest in joining conference staff! We are currently looking to hire Vice Chairs and Assistant Crisis Directors. This application is due at 11:59pm on Friday, September 15, 2017.  

AmeriMUNC is a three day Model United Nations conference hosted at AU on February 2-4, 2018 and attended by domestic and international high schools. Now in its fifth year, we are looking forward to expand the size, dynamic, and quality of the conference. The members of the staff are an essential of a delegate's experience and the overall success of the conference. In the years past, our staff have come from various academic backgrounds, but all share a common desire to share their passion of international relations with high school students. This year we are particularly excited to be introducing interconnected committees and conference wide crises. We are looking for individuals who are creative, passionate, and dedicated to make this year's AmeriMUNC the best one yet. 

Vice Chairs and Assistant Crisis Directors will also play a key role in the Washington International Relations Conference (WIRC). WIRC is a one day Model UN training conference for local high school students that will be held on Saturday, November 4th, 2017. WIRC also serves as an opportunity for Vice Chairs and Assistant Crisis Directors to gain experience in their respective positions before AmeriMUNC.

While the time commitment and responsibilities may depending on the position and/or the committee you are assigned to, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind before applying:

  • Attend all staff meetings (dates/times TBD. more frequent meetings closer to the conference)
  • Assist the Chair or Crisis Director in conference preparation (such as background guides, crisis portfolio powers, etc)
  • Availability for the entirety of AmeriMUNC & WIRC

We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about the conferences. We are very excited to put together a fantastic staff for AmeriMUNC V! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our Chief of Staff, Samantha Raggio, via Facebook or email ( 


Samantha Raggio, Chief of Staff (
Nuha Hamid, Secretary General (

Name *
What position(s) are you interested in being considered for? *
If you are a vice chair to a committee you will primarily help the chair run committee. You will assist them in running committee sessions, deal with any clerical duties, and help communicate to the crisis staffers/ outside staff members. This position will introduce you to chairing and the process of running a committee. In addition, as a vice chair, you are required to staff our day conference WIRC on November 4th. If you are an assistant crisis director you will help run the crisis room and follow the lead of the crisis directing team. That will involve picking up crisis notes, dropping off crisis updates to committees, and helping the team develop a crisis arc. In addition, as an assistant crisis director, you are required to staff our day conference WIRC on November 4th.
What committee experiences do you have as a delegate/chair? *
Which committees/topics are you most interested in? *
GA style committees: INTERPOL, UNODC, WHO, UNEP Crisis style committees: Cabinets of France, China, Russia, UK, US; UN Security Council Specialized committees: International Court of Justice, Press Corps
Please discuss your related experiences and/or interests. This may include experiences in Model United Nations and/or other leadership positions. Response in list form is okay. If you are applying for an assistant crisis director position, please discuss your relevant crisis experience.
Conference Availabilty
Are you available during both conference days? WIRC - November 4, 2017 AmeriMUNC - February 2-4, 2018
If you are not selected for the position you are applying to, would you still be interested in being a part of staff in another capacity?
Chair Position *
If available, would you be interested in serving as a chair? Please be aware that this may require additional training/meeting and writing a background guide.
If your high school had a Model UN team, please list the following information: High School Name, Advisor Name, Advisor Email
If you have any unique skills (event planning, photography, video production/editing, graphic design, etc), please let us know!