The Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Member States, we call the 2019 summit of the SCO to uphold the principles on which our organization was built: to improve trust and cooperation with one another in the region. In the last two decades, our organization has failed to meet those goals. The Tajik Civil War stands as a prime examples where our failure to act have resulted in 20 years of terror flare-ups in Tajikistan, oscillatory political suppression of native Uzbeks by the Tajik and Kyrgyzstan governments, as well as suppression of Central Asian minorities in Uzbekistan . But the 2019 summit can be different. Can you find common ground to solve pressing international issues? Can you restart SCO military exercises and thwart American influence in the region? Or will the SCO continue to be deadlocked with petty conflict and politics? Members of the SCO, the time is now. Welcome to the 2019 summit.



The Shanghai Cooperation Organization aims to promote increased security and collaboration between Asian nations. During this committee session, delegates will discuss how counterterrorism strategies can be improved to ensure a more stable, strong, and united Asian continent. Ideally, resolutions should address social media radicalization techniques and the role of minority groups in the development of terrorist organizations.

Position Papers

All delegates in General Assembly committees are required to write and submit a position paper one week prior to AmeriMUNC VI. This position paper should be a broad overview of your country's formal stance on the topic being discussed in committee. The position paper should also give a description of actions taken by your country to address the committee topic, and how you plan to respond to this topic in committee.

The deadline for all position paper submissions will be Friday, January 25th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST. Position papers should be submitted via a portal that will become available in early January. General Assembly chairs will take the quality of position papers into account when deciding awards.

Meet the Dais

Samantha Lord

Samantha is an undergraduate at American University in the School of International Service. Originally from Massachusetts, she participated in Model UN throughout high school, and she was the Secretary General of her high school's delegation during her senior year. Outside of Model UN, Samantha is a tutor for DC Reads at Life Pieces to Masterpieces, she FaceTimes her dog Thelma more often than she should, and she loves drinking iced coffee, no matter how cold it is outside. This is her first year staffing AmeriMUNC, and she is so excited for the conference!

Hamilton Price Phillips

Price is an undergraduate in the School of International Service with a minor in history. Originally from Columbia, Missouri, he participated in Model UN for two years during high school competitively, and was a member of a casual MUN club for four. He has always maintained an interest in International Relations, and will pursue a focus in international political economics. In the past two years, he has been able to intern at Marsh-McLennan in London and Let America Vote. Price enjoys playing soccer and participating in Academic Team/Quiz Bowl competitions. When not studying, he enjoys playing intramural sports (recently crowned softball champions), and preparing for AmeriMUNC VI.