The Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

106 nations have no formal relationship with the Republic of China, and of the remaining nations, only 19 countries in the world recognize the Republic of China as a country. The Republic of China is at a crossroad. The People’s Republic of China continues to militarize the Taiwan Strait, the Democratic Progressive Party is calling for the creation of the State of Taiwan, and the United States is slowly distancing itself from our island. Can you gain international recognition for the ROC? Will you be able to ally our nation with the United States again? Or is it finally time to accept defeat, and join the People’s Republic of China? It’s do or die for our island nation. The fate of the Republic of China is in your hands.



The world was shocked after Taiwan's first successful round of referendum on November 24, 2018. The pro-Chinese Kuomintang Nationalist party now commands massive political momentum with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party still holding on its majority in the legislature. With issues of national recognition, security, same-sex marriage, and the China issue constantly emerging, Delegates in the Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China are expected to draft resolutions regarding the creation of the State of Taiwan, the build-up of the ROC military, and the choice between the United States and China as the ROC preeminent ally in the region.

Position Papers

All delegates in General Assembly committees are required to write and submit a position paper one week prior to AmeriMUNC VI. This position paper should be a broad overview of your country's formal stance on the topic being discussed in committee. The position paper should also give a description of actions taken by your country to address the committee topic, and how you plan to respond to this topic in committee. 

The deadline for all position paper submissions will be Friday, January 25th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST. Position papers should be submitted via a portal that will become available in early January. General Assembly chairs will take the quality of position papers into account when deciding awards.

Meet the Dais

Meesha Reiisieh

Meesha is an undergraduate at American University majoring in Political Science and Psychology. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Meesha competed in speech and debate all four years of high school. She also held positions in her schools student body, her city's teen commission, and worked at a non profit before arriving at American. Since coming, she has joined the American Model UN and debate teams, and is serving as this year's AMERIMUNC Chair for the Taiwan committee, which she is extremely excited for! When she isn't at school or at work, you can often find Meesha reading, stressfully searching for good boba in DC, or taking a nap. Feel free to talk to Meesha about anything from to pop culture, current events, or even Netflix recommendations!

Milo Hsieh

Milo is an undergraduate in the School of International Service at American University. Originally from Hsinchu, Taiwan, he has participated in Model UN since freshman year high school and traveled throughout East Asia frequently. In the last Amerimunc, Milo served as a Security Council crisis analyst. An international student studying 12 time zones away from home, Milo enjoys bringing a different perspective to the conversations on campus while being horribly homesick at times. Throughout his free time, he likes to read, drink boba tea, travel, and cook.