Bigger isn't always better. We deliberately cap AmeriMUNC at 450 delegates for a more intimate experience. Our promise is simple: no GA will have more than 45 delegations and no crisis simulation will have more than 20 participants. 

The AmeriMUNC Experience

Nothing is by accident at AmeriMUNC; there are enough haphazard conferences out there to fill the niche of confusing Model UN simulations. For delegates, this means a curated experience defined by a blend of tradition and innovation planned down to the smallest detail. Whether it's our thoughtfully prepared delegate dance, pre conference training classrooms, or the simulation itself, AmeriMUNC is proud to be meticulous down to the placard design.

The UNSC Simulation

Every Model UN conference is the same: large and impersonal General Assemblies for novice delegates, specialized regional bodies, and then the crisis committees which have increasingly become less Model UN oriented. We’ve been through our fair share of those. It’s easy, it’s familiar, and it has worked for the better part of the last century. We’re seeking to revolutionize the Model UN world.

For Faculty

We put as much thought into our faculty hospitality as our conference simulation. Unlike most Model UN conferences, we don't just lock faculty advisors in a small room with bagels and coffee and call it a day. With Model UN workshops, catered meals, and even an optional 2-hour faculty simulation, we try to make your weekend as enjoyable as possible.


“I know this sounds small, but the fact that all AmeriMUNC committees have tables for delegates is incredible. It's such a small detail and yet my kids value it so much.

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