Meticulous Down to the Placard Design.

Nothing is by accident at AmeriMUNC; there are enough haphazard conferences out there to fill the niche of confusing Model UN simulations. For delegates, this means a curated experience defined by a blend of tradition and innovation planned down to the smallest detail. 



Pre-simulation workshops for novice and veteran delegates alike on parliamentary procedure, public speaking, and conference strategy.

Complimentary meals throughout the duration of the conference.

A delegate dance complete with raffle prizes, nonalcoholic party drinks, and casino games.

Post-conference written feedback from chairs & vice chairs.


District Dinner

It’s hard to explore D.C.’s vibrant food scene when you’re in committee for three days straight. So, for dinner on Saturday, we’re bringing D.C.’s vibrant food scene to AmeriMUNC. District Dinner is about getting to try a taste of Washington, whether that’s a burrito sized sushi from Buredo, a taco from District Taco, or a Mediterranean bowl from Cava. 

Conference Feedback

Unlike Speech and Debate, feedback in Model UN is usually restricted to those who win awards. At AmeriMUNC, our emphasis is on learning. Our chairs and vice-chairs give written feedback to every delegate in their committee so every student can go home knowing what they did right, how they can improve, and strategies they can use at their next Model UN conference. 

AmeriFEST 2020

More information about AmeriFEST 2020, the AmeriMUNC VI Delegate Dance, will be announced in the fall. 


AmeriMUNC was the most involved I’ve ever felt in a conference. It was always exciting, there were always things to do, and the committee was never boring. AmeriMUNC is such a good community filled with great people.
— Janice | Adlai E. Stevenson High School

Have your own AmeriMUNC Moment this February.

Experience AmeriFEST & District Dinner next February.