Advisor Programming

February 2, 2019

Team Preparation Workshop
Team Development Workshop
Crisis Workshop
Advisor Simulation
AmeriMUNC VI MUNtail Hour

Morning Discussions

Team Development Workshop
In an academic event as competitive as Model UN, large-scale discussions about team strategy rarely exist. At AmeriMUNC V, we’re proud to introduce our new team development workshop into our conference this year. Hear from Sam Raggio, the former Assistant Head Delegate of the AU Model UN Team on strategies American University used to jump from 68th to 8th in the annual Best Delegate team rankings in less than two years. Following the presentation, advisors themselves will be encouraged to discuss their own tips and practice strategies. In fact, our goal in creating this workshop is simple: we hope to facilitate greater dialogue between teams so that we can together make Model UN a more enjoyable activity for every school who attends AmeriMUNC.

Crisis Training Workshop
Unlike general assemblies, many teams take a hands-off approach to training their crisis delegates. The AmeriMUNC V Crisis Workshop aims to help faculty advisors better understand the basic operations of a crisis committee as well as tips to training crisis delegates themselves. This workshop will be led by Director General Zach Bontempo, who also serves as the Assistant Head Delegate for the AUMUN Team. The presentation will include a mini-sessions on crisis arcs and note writing, directive strategy, and ideas for team practices that are specifically tailored for crisis delegates. The workshop will end with a general discussion by advisors themselves on what they’ve found successful in training their own crisis delegates.

Faculty Simulation

Cabinet members: President Trump awaits you in the situation room. Do you have what it takes to be a delegate? It’s time to put your Model UN knowledge and skills into action. There’s work to be done, and decisions to be made. Today, our administration is in its most trying times yet. The press is misconstruing our message, our legislative agenda is stalled in the Senate, and the rust-belt is starting to sour on the President. With substantial immigration reform though, we have one last chance to win back the hearts of the American people. Cabinet members, focus your attention on the border. Get ready to work. Today, we forge a new path forward together for our great nation. The fate of the American Republic is in your hands. Can you save her?

The AmeriMUNC VI MUNtail Hour

In the world of Model UN, and particularly here in DC, networking is key. Take this time to meet other advisors and mingle with the Secretariat. We’d love to hear more about your teaching interests and your involvement with Model UN.  It’ll be a nice break from grading and some well needed downtime before the Delegate Dance. Enjoy some hors d'oeuvre and mocktails -- or rather MUNtails -- on us!

All of the AmeriMUNC staff went above and beyond. As I had communicated through several emails to the communications team, I was very hesitant & nervous about coming to AmeriMUNC since it was our school’s first out-of-state conference. AmeriMUNC did a wonderful job of managing all of my questions, making our students feel welcome, and providing such a well-run Model United Nations simulation. My students have raved about their experience and I can’t begin to describe our excitement to return next year!
— Woody Wilder, Advisor | O'Neal School