About AmeriFest
AmeriFest is AmeriMUNC’s Saturday evening delegate dance. Hosted at the Marriott Wardman Park, AmeriFest will feature a live DJ, raffle prizes, and casino games.

This year’s theme is ‘black-out’. Delegates are encouraged to wear black casual and/or casual dress attire. That being said, delegates are free to wear whatever they wish to wear to AmeriFest. Special AmeriMUNC black-out shirts will be sold at the merchandise stand for delegates wishing to partake in this year’s theme.

While AmeriMUNC staff and hotel security will provide security during AmeriFest, faculty advisors are encouraged to monitor the behavior of their delegates and report any situation involving other delegates to AmeriMUNC staff or security personnel. Delegates are expected to behave in a respectful and appropriate manner during the dance. While AmeriMUNC staff will address any obvious instances of inappropriate dancing, the main concern of AmeriMUNC staff and hired security is the safety of the delegates. Advisors are responsible for monitoring their students’ behavior during the dance.

No contained food or drink may be brought into the Imperial Ballroom. A delegate may not wear any costume that could cover his/her face or otherwise endanger other delegates at the dance. Delegates are prohibited from accessing any balconies, standing on top of chairs, opening or accessing the doors to the fire escapes, or accessing the stage.