Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space

Space. The Final Frontier. Will it be a place to further the peaceful ideal of humanity, or just another place to fight our conflicts? The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space seeks to ensure that the cosmos don’t become just another theater of war. In the committee, you will have to balance the ideals of mankind with the strategic realities of the present. Will your nation call for an edge of its adversaries with orbital weapons systems or will it seek to promote hope for a better future? The decision about the last great frontier is up to you.



The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) aims to increase coherence and synergy in international cooperation in space activities at all levels. During this committee session, delegates will be discussing how to maintain a peaceful and structured space while also allowing for innovation and development. Delegates should draft resolutions legislating the militarization of space, regulating private space companies, and planning sustainable space development.

Position Papers

All delegates in General Assembly committees are required to write and submit a position paper one week prior to AmeriMUNC VI. This position paper should be a broad overview of your country's formal stance on the topic being discussed in committee. The position paper should also give a description of actions taken by your country to address the committee topic, and how you plan to respond to this topic in committee. 

The deadline for all position paper submissions will be Friday, January 25th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST. Position papers should be submitted via a portal that will become available in early January. General Assembly chairs will take the quality of position papers into account when deciding awards.

Meet the Dais

Steven Goodall

Steven is an undergraduate at American University in the School of Public Affairs. Steven is studying Political Science and Justice & Law. Before coming to American, Steven lived in sunny South Florida, were the leaves never changed colours, and participated in high school Model UN. This year Steven will be a Co-Chair of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUS). In his spare time, Steven is also involved with Student Government and other on campus clubs. The most important thing to know about Steven, he is a die hard Patriots fan. (GO PATS!)

Alexis Little

Alexis Little is a undergraduate at American University with a Justice and Law major in the School of Public Affairs, minoring in International Service. She is originally from Gettysburg, PA, did MUN all four years of high school, and was head delegate her senior year. Participating in MUN allowed Alexis to learn confidence and collaboration that has followed her far beyond high school, and she wishes to extend these lessons to students who attend AMERIMUNC. Outside of being a Vice Chair for the WHO committee, she spends most of her time playing rugby for AUWRFC, participating in Army ROTC, as well as being a member of Chi Alpha.