Technology Policy

GA committees: No electronic devices are allowed during the Speaker’s List or moderated caucuses. At the discretion of the chair, delegates may use laptops/tablets for resolution writing purposes only during unmoderated caucuses. Delegates without laptops will not be penalized when awards are being decided.

Crisis committees: No electronic devices are permitted during committee sessions. There should be no need for delegates to use electronic devices for simulation purposes. All committee documents should be handwritten.

Wifi Information: Delegates should connect to the wireless network named AUGuest-byRCN. There is no special configuration or access required.  

Conference Policies

Conference Attire
All conference attendees are required to be in professional business attire for the duration of the conference. Our conference staff members reserve the right to ask delegates to change their clothes if they are not dressed appropriately. Name badges must be worn visibly at all times during all conference-sponsored programming (opening/closing ceremonies, committee sessions, and delegate dance).

Committee Sessions
All delegates must be in their assigned committee rooms during committee sessions. Delegates are expected to be on time to all committee sessions and mandatory events.

Interaction with other delegates, advisors, and members of the staff
Delegates are expected to comply with instructions of AmeriMUNC staff who are charged with the enforcement of these codes. Delegates are expected to be respectful to all participants and AmeriMUNC staff members, and mindful of various national cultures.

Possession of Weapons
Possession of facsimile weapons are not permitted.

Pre-Written Resolutions and Plagiarism
Pre-written draft resolutions, working papers, directives, and crisis notes are strictly prohibited at AmeriMUNC. Pre-written resolutions include any language, clauses, or directives that were written before the first committee session begins. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, verbatim or near-verbatim, copying and pasting from academic sources or other websites. Resolutions written at previous Model United Nations conferences or training sessions are banned, and all working papers and draft resolutions turned in over the course of the weekend will be checked for plagiarism.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

AmeriMUNC will not tolerate any instances of discrimination based on race, color, sex, gender, gender identity, national origin, religion, age, and/or disability. If any AmeriMUNC participant (delegate, advisor, or staff) believes that they have encountered discrimination, which has resulted in a hostile environment, they must report it to the AmeriMUNC Secretariat. The Secretariat will investigate the allegations by interviewing all parties involved. Based on their findings, the Secretariat will take action as they deem appropriate.

The American University Model United Nations Conference is committed to providing a safe environment for all staff, delegates, and advisors free from from harassment of any kind including sexual harassment. AmeriMUNC will operate a zero tolerance policy for any form of sexual harassment during the conference, treat all incidents seriously and promptly, and investigate all allegations of sexual harassment. Any person found to have sexually harassed another will be dismissed from the conference. The AmeriMUNC Secretariat takes all complaints of sexual harassment very seriously and will investigate with respect and confidence. There will be no repercussions for reporting such an occurrence.

Substance Free Policy

AmeriMUNC is a substance free conference for all participants (delegates, advisors, and staff). Likewise, participants should not be intoxicated during the conference. This policy applies to conference sponsored programming including, but not limited to: opening/closing ceremonies, committee sessions, staff meetings, the Delegate Dance, and at the Marriott Wardman Park for the duration of the conference. The Secretariat reserves the right to ask delegates and or advisors to leave the conference if they are found to be in violation of this policy.

Please also note: Tobacco products of any kind are prohibited on American University property.

Social Media Policy

Delegates, staff, and advisors are welcome to stay in touch with other delegates, staff, and advisors after the conference has ended. We recommend that delegates, advisors, and members of the staff share their school provided email over their personal email address. We ask that delegates please wait until after the conference has ended (after closing ceremonies) before adding members of the staff on social media. Please also note that staff members are only allowed to add delegates on social media if a delegate adds them first. Furthermore, interaction between members of the staff and delegates on Snapchat, Tinder, Grindr, among other platforms, is prohibited prior, during, or after the conference. Staff and delegates should not feel obligated to accept social media requests from other delegates and members of the staff. All post-conference interactions, regardless of the platform, should be professional in nature.

Photography and Film

All participants may be documented, either in photographic or video forms, during the conference by the AmeriMUNC staff. AmeriMUNC reserves the right to use the images or videos captured for promotional purposes. If you would like not be to photographed/videographed, make a note on the code of conduct form and all efforts will be made to keep you out of pictures. However, please note, by attending the conference, you waive all rights to abstain from conference photography and film.