The Cabinet of the United States of America

Conflict: The North Korean Conflict

Cabinet members, take a step into the situation room. Rising resentment towards western media and foreign policy have lead to the world's most powerful nation slowly decline in both its influence and credibility. Seventy years of failed foreign policy towards North Korea have resulted in the regime developing nuclear weapons capable of striking our vital allies and our shores. You are tasked with preserving hope for a successful Korean Peninsula while keeping our nation as the world’s major power. All options are on the table; the United States must prevail. Will you be able to reaffirm our leadership abroad and resolve this decades long issue once and for all? The world is watching us.


Position Papers

Position Papers are not required for the Cabinet of the United States. 

Meet the Dais

Thomas Gueli

Thomas is a sophomore at American University majoring in Political Science in the School of Public Affairs. He was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. Tom has previously worked on Capitol Hill as intern for Peter Roskam of Illinois’ 6th district and currently works for the Republican Governors Association. Tom has been involved in Model United Nations since his freshman year of high school and was a crisis analyst at Amerimunc last year. Tom’s favorite things to do are camping and watching sports (Go Yankees!!!) and he looks forward to seeing what ideas and solutions the delegates can develop for the the complex global problems the world is facing today. 

Ricardo Villate

Ricardo is an undergraduate at American University studying Political Science in the School of Public Affairs. His full name is Ricardo Antonio Villate Bonilla, but his friends call him Ricky and you’re more than welcomed to call him that too! Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ricardo, before arriving to American University, he had taken a gap year and worked in disaster relief following Hurricane Maria in the fall and was a research intern in D.C. in the spring. Ricardo has been involved in MUN ever since joining his high school's team in his junior year, and has loved making friends, memories, and even winning some awards along the way. Fun Fact: Both Gossip Girl and The West Wing are in his top 5 favorite TV shows.

Josh Iseler
Crisis Director

Josh is a junior in the School of International Service working on a degree in International Relations.  He is from North Andover, Massachusetts and has been doing Model United Nations since his junior year of high school. At American, Josh is a senior member of the American University Model United Nations team having traveled to over a dozen conferences in the past two years alone. In his free time Josh can be found doing mundane tasks for his roommate Secretary General Stahl, making his other roommate Head Delegate Bontempo feel bad about his superior amount of gavels, exploring the city with friends, and spending his summers on Cape Cod.  He is very excited to be the Crisis Director and is excited to help organize a fun conference for all delegates.