Conflict: The North Korean Conflict

Commanders of the USPACOM, take a step into the situation room. Rising resentment towards western media and foreign policy have lead to the world's most powerful nation slowly decline in both its influence and credibility with regards to resolving international disputes. Seventy years of failed foreign policy towards North Korea have resulted in the regime developing nuclear weapons capable of striking our vital allies. You are tasked with preserving hope for a successful Korean Peninsula while keeping our nation as the world’s major power. All options are on the table; the United States must prevail. Will you be able to reaffirm our leadership abroad and resolve this decades long issue once and for all? The world is watching its leader.


Jack Quinn
Simulation Director

Jack is a freshman in the American University School of Public Affairs pursuing a major in Communications, Law, Economics, and Government (CLEG). He is from the city of Chicago, Illinois, where he participated in Model UN throughout high school, including two years as a head delegate. Jack is currently a member of the AU Model United Nations team and is looking forward to serving on the AmeriMUNC VI Secretariat as Simulation Director. In his free time, Jack enjoys studying history, following Chicago sports teams, and watching Game of Thrones seasons on repeat. Jack is excited for an amazing conference and is looking forward to welcoming delegates to AmeriMUNC VI!

Mehak Chadha
Director General

Mehak is a freshman in the American University School of International Service studying International Studies and is from Bay Area, California. She loves, loves, LOVES, being a part of American University’s Model United Nations team. She is also a part of Delta Gamma Sorority, American’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, AU Democrats, and American’s International Relations Society. If you need Mehak, you can probably find her at the Bridge getting her fourth soy latte of the day, binge watching Gossip Girl, or watching the sunset on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, her absolute favorite place in D.C. If you want to get on Mehak’s “good side” you can bring her sour patch kids or a turkey sandwich.