The State Council of the Republic of Korea

Conflict: The Korean Korean Crisis

 As domestic power struggles play out in tandem with the nuclear threat hanging over the Republic of Korea, scandal and turmoil plague the peninsula once again. Ministers of the State Council, you have the closest perspective to this international crisis. As all sides seem to edge closer to the brink of an unwinnable war, South Korea has been thrust into the limelight. As a vital ally of the United States, the importance of all of your actions has become indispensable. Can you resist the power in the North and balance the interests of the East and West? Or will your people know the devastation of conflict once again?


Position Papers

Position Papers are not required for the State Council of the Republic Korea. 

Joshua Loiselle

Josh is an undergraduate student in the School of International Service with a focus on national security in northeast Asia. Originally from a medium sized town called Holden, Massachusetts, he attended a private college preparatory school called Saint John’s in Shrewsbury, MA. Josh also plans to minor in Chinese which he has studied for four years. As you can infer, this topic is quite pertinent and important to him and his studies. Academics aside, he has done MUN for four years and has attended conferences around the United States with American’s collegiate Model UN team. Outside of MUN, Josh has quite the list of hobbies and passions that encompasses everything from archery, service trips to Haiti, rowing crew, and horseback riding. So, if you have any questions regarding college, MUN, language studies, or foreign he would love to share my insight(questions are not limited to these, I’m easy going so just ask!). Josh is very excited to meet you all and see how you all will approach this now rising issue in northeast Asia. 

John McAndrew

John McAndrew is an undergraduate at American University studying International Relations with an intended focus on the Middle East. John’s from the same town as his co-chair, Josh, good ol’ Holden, Mass., but neither of them met each other until they came to AU. That was primarily because John went to Wachusett Regional, a public school absolutely superior in every way to St. John’s, and don’t let anyone tell you different.  Lame one-sided rivalries aside, feel free to ask John questions about anything and everything, and he’ll do my best to answer them.  Outside of MUN, John enjoys running, reading, video games, playing frisbee, and making lists about himself for other people to read. He can’t wait to meet all of you, and make AmeriMUNC VI a great conference.  

Josh Iseler
Crisis Director

Josh is a junior in the School of International Service working on a degree in International Relations.  He is from North Andover, Massachusetts and has been doing Model United Nations since his junior year of high school. At American, Josh is a senior member of the American University Model United Nations team having traveled to over a dozen conferences in the past two years alone. In his free time Josh can be found doing mundane tasks for his roommate Secretary General Stahl, making his other roommate Head Delegate Bontempo feel bad about his superior amount of gavels, exploring the city with friends, and spending his summers on Cape Cod.  He is very excited to be the Crisis Director and is excited to help organize a fun conference for all delegates.