The Sinopec Board of Directors

Conflict: Resources in the South China Sea

An untapped fortune awaits beneath the ocean surface. As the leader of Chinese natural resources, it is essential that we retain control of what is rightfully ours. The South China Sea is a boon to the oil and petroleum businesses, and expanding our reach over it can provide riches beyond imagination. However, competition from abroad seeks to disrupt our home territory. Can Sinopec fight off the competition and remain the dominant oil power in the South China Sea? Members of the board, do whatever it takes.


Position Papers

Position Papers are not required for the Sinopec Board of Directors. 

Cole Cerabona

Cole is an undergraduate at American University studying Economics and Political Science. Originally from Kennebunk, Maine, Cole participated in Model UN, Congressional Debate, and Youth in Government in high school prior to coming to American. He is the Co-Chair for the Sinopec Board of Directors Committee for AmeriMUNC VI, and has chaired conferences hosted at his high school prior to AmeriMUNC. When he isn't doing homework, you can find him shopping for books or wandering around D.C.

Erin O’Malley

Erin O’Malley is a junior at American University from Chicago, Illinois double-majoring in international relations & economics with a minor in communications. Erin is the Vice President & Varsity rower on American’s crew team, and holds leadership roles as a member of both Crusaders for Christ and Network of Enlightened Women on campus. This past year, Erin worked on Capitol Hill for House Speaker Paul Ryan and currently works as an associate for Fox News. Erin loves to travel with her family, go to the movies, play the guitar and scrapbook. She is honored to be apart of AmeriMUNC this year and is excited to see all of the hard work come together!

Zachary Bontempo
Crisis Director

Zachary is a junior in the American University School of Public Affairs pursuing a double major in Political Science and Economics. He is originally from North Andover, Massachusetts where he joined MUN in ninth grade. At American University, Zach has continuously competed on the Model United Nations team for the past three years and is currently serving as Head Delegate. Zach is greatly looking forward to staffing AmeriMUNC after fighting tooth-and-nail with the Secretary General to have the Sinopec-ExxonMobil conflict. In addition to MUN, Zach works as an intern on Capitol Hill for Speaker Paul Ryan. In his free time, Zach enjoys watching Archer, disregarding his imminent HD duties, and golfing with people who aren't on the Model United Nations team.