2020 Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee

Over 3.6 billion viewers, 1 million spectators, and 11,000 athletes from all over the globe are counting on you to organize the leading international sporting event in the world. Will a newly discovered virus wipe out the USA’s entire gymnastics team? Will half the constituents boycott the event. As a member of the planning committee the success, (or failure) of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is entirely in your hands.


Position Papers

Position papers are not required for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee

Meet the Dais

Eden Yanaitis

Eden is an undergraduate at American University studying International Studies in the School of International Service. During high school, she participated in MUN from sophomore year on, attending PhilMUN in Philadelphia each year. Outside of Model UN, Eden is an AU Ambassador and loves promoting school spirit! In her spare time, she is attempting to visit every bagel shop in the DMV area and loves exploring art museums. Eden is originally from Philadelphia, and is always willing to talk about the beauty of the Philly cheesesteak!

Maddie McCarthy

Maddie is an sophomore at American University studying Communications, Law, Economics, and Government within the School of Public Affairs. During high school, she participated in MUN, holding officer positions from sophomore year on. This past year, she served as a vice-chair for United Kingdom: Brexit. When Maddie is not doing stacks of homework, she is likely watching Netflix, spending time with her Alpha Xi Delta sisters, and talking about her Hill-ternships. Maddie is originally from Massachusetts, and will always talk about Dunkin' Donuts and how she loves the cold weather!

Jackson Malmgren
Crisis Director

Jackson is an undergraduate at American University majoring in International Relations and focusing in Latin America. Originally from Maryland, Jackson competed in high school Model UN (including at AmeriMUNC) before coming to American. Since coming to DC, Jackson competes on the AU Model UN Team, and is a brother in the Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity. Outside of International Relations related things, Jackson roots for the Washington Capitals and goes on fun adventures with his friends throughout DC. Jackson has lots of plans for AmeriMUNC VI, and is excited for all the festivities!