The Cabinet of the State of Japan

Conflict: The North Korean Crisis


Ministers of the Cabinet, Japan is the only country to truly know the horrors of nuclear weapons. Yet, once again we find ourselves in the crosshairs of the world's deadliest weapon. As the steadfast counter balance to China in East Asia, we are a prime target of the DPRK’s aggression. Today, Japan faces a moral and practical dilemma. With pacifism enshrined in our constitution how can we counteract North Korea’s ambition and respect our domestic responsibilities?  How will you ensure the stability of our country? How will we come to grips with the ghosts of the past? The ICBM’s on the peninsula are pointing our way. Ministers, call up the reserves of the Japanese Armed Forces. Peace must be preserved, even if has to come at a cost.


Position Papers

Position Papers are not required for the Cabinet of the State of Japan.

Meet the Dais

Ricardo Vergel- Negron

Ricardo is an undergraduate at American University in the School of International Service. Originally from Puerto Rico, Ricardo participated in Model UN throughout high school. For his Model UN team, he served as secretary general for his high school’s conference, CSIMNU, his senior year, and previously chaired several committees before that. Last year, Ricardo was studying in Germany as part of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange, where he also had the chance of being a delegate in an international Model UN competition. He is fascinated by international relations, specifically in Latin America and the politics of Puerto Rico. He is extremely excited for AmeriMUNC VI and can’t wait to meet the delegates for the Cabinet of the State of Japan!

Sofia Williamson-Garcia

Sofia Williamson-Garcia is an undergraduate at American University School of International Service with a major in International Studies. She originally grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Sofia hopes to do a concentration in Latin America; she is especially interested and passionate about building create self-sustaining political systems that promote decreased foreign intervention. In high school, Sofia  applied to her high school’s Model United Nations team as a junior, not knowing much about international politics and wanting to learn more. Today, she loves Model UN and is ready to devote her career to International Relations. Sofia’s extremely excited for AmeriMUNC VI and is looking forward to seeing the delegates in her committee enhance their speaking and debate skills!

Josh Iseler
Crisis Director

Josh is a junior in the School of International Service working on a degree in International Relations.  He is from North Andover, Massachusetts and has been doing Model United Nations since his junior year of high school. At American, Josh is a senior member of the American University Model United Nations team having traveled to over a dozen conferences in the past two years alone. In his free time Josh can be found doing mundane tasks for his roommate Secretary General Stahl, making his other roommate Head Delegate Bontempo feel bad about his superior amount of gavels, exploring the city with friends, and spending his summers on Cape Cod.  He is very excited to be the Crisis Director for Washington’s Cabinet and organizing a fun conference for all delegates.