Executive Council of the Philippine National Police

Proclamation No. 216 has declared a state of martial law in the state of Mindanao. While the MILF and MNLF have expressed their commitment to peace and to finally ending the 47-year-old moro conflict, Abu Sayyaf and other terrorist splinter groups have continued the insurgency. Members of the Executive Council of the Philippine National Police, can you quell the insurgency? How far will you go to enforce President Duterte's policies? The insurgency is the quietest it has been in two decades. Yet at the same time, it feels like the entire country is beginning to unravel. Our motto is just five words: to serve and to protect. How far will you go to do exactly that?


Position Papers

Position papers are not required for the Executive Council of the Philippine National Police.

Meet the Dais

Chann Austine Cortes

Chann Austine Cortes is an undergraduate at American University majoring in international studies and political science. Originally from Prince Frederick, Maryland, located in the middle of nowhere, Chann was never exposed to Model United Nations growing up. However, his passion for international affairs was not neglected, as during his senior year, he single-handedly had his school run a class called “ICONS: Global Studies.” This course, run by the University of Maryland’s START, exposed students to international politics in using methods similar to Model UN conventions. When homework isn’t destroying Chann’s soul, he is usually jamming to orchestral music, watching Jeopardy or having sword fights on the Metro.

Tai Fox

Taisuke Fox is originally from Berkeley, California, a city 40 minutes away from San Francisco. He is a freshman at AU in the School of International Service studying International Studies (duh). Because he’s a freshman, this will be his first time chairing a committee, and being a part of AmeriMUNC. However, Tai did a lot of Model UN in high school where he was the President of my club my Senior year. He also lived in Singapore for before moving back to the United States. During his time in Singapore, he spent time working with NGOs in countries such as Cambodia. Tai loves traveling and would love to tell all of you more stories! Other than AmeriMUNC, he is on the Model UN travel team here at AU, a Deputy Campaigns Director of the AU Democrats Club, and a debate coach for some high school teams in California. Feel free to reach out to him to ask me about anything, not just about Model UN. Tai hopes he can be the “big brother/mentor” and maybe persuade y’all to come to American University!

Rachel Pederson
Crisis Director

Rachel is a sophomore in the American University School of International Service pursuing a major in International Relations and a minor in French. She is originally from Edina, Minnesota where she participated on her high school’s Model UN team for three years, acting as Chair and Director for the 2017 Edina Model United Nations Conference. She served on the Crisis team for Amerimunc V. In addition to Model UN, Rachel enjoys scuba diving, exploring the outdoors and talking about the Midwest. Rachel is thrilled to be serving as Director of Committees for WIRC VI and is looking forward to meeting delegates of all skill levels this November.