The State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Conflict: The North Korean Crisis


Greetings and glory be to our heroic and omniscient leaders! The Democratic People's Republic of Korea finds itself at a crossroads. The Imperialist pigs that manipulate the United Nations like a dancing puppet have deceived the world into placing sanctions on our glorious nation. While our prosperous homeland functions at peak production, the scum of the the world aims to meddle in the one great nation’s internal affairs. While our trusted allies China and Russia stand with us for the time being, will western trickery jeopardize those crucial relationships? Can you negotiate a suitable arrangement between us and the scoundrels that preach hypocrisy? Or will we be forced to flex our might and lay down our lives for our Eternal Leader and sacred Homeland? Prepare Pyongyang's defenses. The entire Democratic People’s Republic of Korea stands at the ready for the Supreme Leader’s orders.


Position Papers

Position Papers are not required for State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Clayton Fowler

Clayton is an undergraduate at American University with an intended double major in International Relations and Arabic Language. Clay was a recipient of the State Department’s National Security Language Initiative scholarship in 2017 for an academic year of Arabic language study in Rabat, Morocco. Besides foreign languages, his interests include North African Immigration Policy, Beatnik literature, the award winning series Twin Peaks, banjo music, LGBT+ rights in the MENA region, and his cat, Walt Whitman. One of Clayton’s character flaws is that he is deathly afraid of horses. In his spare time, you can catch him drinking cup after cup of black coffee in his favorite hangout spot on campus, The Bridge Cafe in the Mary Graydon Center. Clayton loves to talk, so feel free to approach him with questions about anything!

Lee Block

Lee is a junior at American University who is double majoring in international relations and Russian language studies. He has a strange, yet acute interest in authoritarianism, political violence, and ideology. He hopes to make a career studying these topics. Given his interests, is not surprising that Lee is extremely excited to serve as your Most Esteemed Honorable Chairman, Sun of Socialism and Ever-Victorious, Iron-Willed Commander (all of which are real titles. Look it up!) of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. When he is liberated from the shackles of responsibility, you can find Lee with a history book in hand, sipping chai, and contemplating issues like the faux intellectual that he is.

Josh Iseler
Crisis Director

Josh is a junior in the School of International Service working on a degree in International Relations.  He is from North Andover, Massachusetts and has been doing Model United Nations since his junior year of high school. At American, Josh is a senior member of the American University Model United Nations team having traveled to over a dozen conferences in the past two years alone. In his free time Josh can be found doing mundane tasks for his roommate Secretary General Stahl, making his other roommate Head Delegate Bontempo feel bad about his superior amount of gavels, exploring the city with friends, and spending his summers on Cape Cod.  He is very excited to be the Crisis Director and is excited to help organize a fun conference for all delegates.