The Cabinet of the People's Republic of China

Conflict: The North Korean Crisis


Members of the State Council, you have been summoned to Beijing at a time of international prosperity. The world looks east and witnesses a new empire quickly rising to be the world’s dominant superpower. Our great country is on the precipice of a new age filled with international dominance, economic expansion, and cultural power. The Pacific is a frontier of opportunity: it's due time that China claims it as our own. Can you ensure that the United States and its allies recede into the background of international importance? Will the world face our reckoning?  A vision of the future awaits. China must lead, dominate, and break ground upon the east.


Position Papers

Position Papers are not required for the Cabinet of the People’s Republic of China. 

Meet the Dais

Ben Holtzman

Ben Holtzman is an undergraduate at American University with a major in International Studies in the School of International Service. Within my major, Ben plans to focus on the Middle East, U.S. Foreign Policy, and National Security. After college he hopes to work for the State Department as a policy analyst or go into private sector of International Relations. Ben is originally from Los Angeles, California where he was born and raised. He grew up playing soccer, and while he doesn’t anymore, his love for the sport has stayed with him. Other hobbies include avid Star Wars watching as well as piano playing. Though, the only songs I can play on the piano are from Star Wars. In high school, Ben participate in the Youth and Government program in California. There, he served as Secretary of State and was on the Youth Governor’s Cabinet with the role of chairing her Crisis Management Team.  Ben is excited for his and Isabelle’s committee and he can’t discuss a range of issues!

Isabella Bocardo

Isabella Bocardo is an undergraduate at American University majoring in International Relations. She is originally from California, and her goal is to eventually work for the United Nations as part of the diplomatic corps for the State Department. It would also be a dream of hers to start her own organization to aid refugees from the Middle East. In high school, Isabella participated in a program called We The People; We The People did mock congressional hearings and debated topics related to the U.S. Constitution and U.S. history. Her favorite things to do are hanging out with her friends and watching Friends on repeat. She’s seen the complete series at least 7 times. Occasionally she ventures out and watch Narcos or Game of Thrones instead, but she always comes back to Friends, so feel free to give her some good TV show suggestions; they’re always appreciated. Also, feel free to recommend songs because she feels like knowing someone’s taste in music is a great way to get to know a person. Isabella very much looks forward to getting to know all of you and she hopes that you enjoy your time here at American University! 

Josh Iseler
Crisis Director

Josh is a junior in the School of International Service working on a degree in International Relations.  He is from North Andover, Massachusetts and has been doing Model United Nations since his junior year of high school. At American, Josh is a senior member of the American University Model United Nations team having traveled to over a dozen conferences in the past two years alone. In his free time Josh can be found doing mundane tasks for his roommate Secretary General Stahl, making his other roommate Head Delegate Bontempo feel bad about his superior amount of gavels, exploring the city with friends, and spending his summers on Cape Cod.  He is very excited to be the Crisis Director and is excited to help organize a fun conference for all delegates.