Cabinet of the Federative Republic of Brazil

Conflict: The Bolivarian Conflict

Olá e seja bem-vindo Brasília! Council of Ministers, President Jair Bolsonaro awaits you. In our own backyard, the Venezuelan people are suffering from the autocratic rule of President Maduro. Something must be done to protect our Latin brothers and sisters from the distress and pain they are experiencing. We have tried to send food, medicine, and humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan people. In response, Maduro has announced that the border between our countries will remain completely and absolutely closed until further notice. President Bolsonaro has stated that Brazil will not intervene, but supports the recent moves by the US to put pressure on the Venezuelan government. Will the crisis reach a point where humanitarian intervention is necessary? How can we navigate this new era of relations with Venezuela? How should Brazil deal with the recent border closing? What is the best policy option to ensure the safety of the Brazilian people and the citizens of Latin America? Ministers, the fate of Brazil is in your hands; come prepared to tackle this crisis.


Position Papers

Position Papers are not required for the Cabinet of the Federative Republic of Brazil. 

Rachel Pederson
Director General

Rachel is a rising junior studying International Relations with a focus on Environmental Studies and French at American University. She is originally from Edina, Minnesota where she was very active on her high school’s Model UN team. She is a new member of the Lambda Eta chapter of Sigma Kappa Sorority, a swim instructor for kids and dog walker. Outside of school and work, Rachel loves talking about sharks, Minnesota, Kevin Durant and music. She served as a Crisis Analyst for the French Cabinet for AmeriMUNC V, Director of Simulations for WIRC VI and Crisis Director for the Philippines National Police during AmeriMUNC VI. She is beyond excited to be serving on this years Secretariat and cannot wait for February

Jack Quinn
Simulation Director

Jack is a rising junior in the American University School of Public Affairs pursuing a major in Communications, Law, Economics, and Government (CLEG). He is from the city of Chicago, Illinois, where he participated in Model UN throughout high school, including two years as a head delegate. Jack is currently a member of the AU Model United Nations team and is looking forward to serving as Simulation Director for the second year in a row. In his free time, Jack enjoys studying history, following Chicago sports teams, and watching Game of Thrones seasons on repeat. Jack is excited for an amazing conference and is looking forward to welcoming delegates to AmeriMUNC VII!