Apple Board of Directors

It’s been forty-two years since our inception in 1976, and today our mighty company has blossomed into the most profitable company in America. From cellphones to watches to computers, Apple has ruthlessly conquered the world economy. But the fight to the top has been brutal, and now that we’ve acquired our place on the pyramid, others have begun to try to take us down. Can you guide Apple through the minefield that is the future of AI? Will you be able to work within the confines of the great firewall of China while maintaining Apple’s moral integrity? Or is the decade of Apple finally coming to a screeching halt? Board members, prepare your strategy for the AI revolution; the fate of Apple is in your hands.


Position Papers

Position papers are not required for the Board of Directors of Apple Inc.

Meet the Dais

Emma O’Connor

Emma is an undergraduate majoring in Environmental Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is from Sterling, Massachusetts where she participated in Model UN throughout high school. At American she is a member of AU Ambassadors and would love to talk to you about what American has to offer! Outside of class you might find Emma knitting scarves for her friends, binge watching Parks and Rec, exploring Smithsonians, and unrhythmically trying to keep up in Zumba class! She can’t wait to meet you all and for a great AmeriMUNC conference!

Pia Paul

Pia is an undergraduate at American University in the school of International Service and is minoring in Economics. During high school she participated in MUN from freshman year on, attending conferences such as JHUMUNC in Baltimore. Pia competes on the AU MUN team and is involved in WIRC. When she is not doing anything MUN related, you'll find her either going to the many museums and art galleries D.C has to offer (art history has always been important to her) or watching Turkish soap operas. She is always willing to talk about the greatness of Long Island bagels.

Michael O’Connor
Crisis Director

Mike is a junior at American University in the College of Arts and Sciences where he is majoring in Economics with a minor in International Relations and Art History. Mike has been a member of the senior crisis staff for AmeriMUNC IV and AmeriMUNC V, and is presently the Senior Crisis Director for AmeriMUNC VI in the Asia: Technology Goldmine overseeing both the Apple and Alphabet Board of Directors committees. Having been on the Model United Nations team at American for the past three years, Mike is now serving as the Assistant Head Delegate for the travel team. When not engaging in Model UN, Mike can be found avoiding his school work by staring at sports statistics in his room and hoping one day he will be the next Paul DePodesta (hint: he will probably not). If you have any prop bets on absolutely anything, he is all ears. Mike also likes to believe he is the best Kanjam player this side of the Mississippi, which is false, but let him have it.