After attending half-a-dozen national  & international Model United Nations conferences, none have compared AmeriMUNC. AmeriMUNC is the only large international program we've been to that has small sized committees that allows every student to participate.  From novice to veteran delegates, every student of mine was actively included in every aspect of the process and the confidence they gained in discussing the difficult issues facing the world today is absolutely invaluable. The AmeriMUNC staff go beyond the norm in ensuring each student has a rewarding experience that makes them want to return next year. The accommodations and advisor support are outstanding as well.
- Kathryn Gross, Advisor | Loyola High School Detroit


I felt extremely included as an international student, which was much appreciated. Overall AmeriMUNC was a great environment that allowed me to learn and grow
- Youssef | American International School in Egypt


AmeriMUNC is a first-class experience for any Model UN team. From the earliest days of registration, to your goodbyes after the closing ceremonies, you are surrounded by a level of professionalism and excellence that supports and nurtures both teachers and students. These qualities encourage you to return – which we have done for the past four years. The last thing my MUN team says to me before we leave for summer break is: “Don’t forget to pre-register us for AmeriMUNC!”
- Lisa Hawkins, Advisor | Poolesville High School


The level of detail that American University into their committees creates an atmosphere of authenticity that creates serious discourse and debate on international issues that just doesn't exist at other conferences.
- Tarrett | Colonial Forge High School


Thank you for making my last Model UN conference unforgettable!
- Thomas | H. Frank Carey High School


The Dais was great, encouraging and engaged. All around, AmeriMUNC was a fun, thought-provoking conference which will forever bring a positive memory for me.
- Jackson | Lower Canada College


This is the most welcoming conference on the East Coast. The staff were so friendly and approachable; their priority was always the delegates.
- Dexter | Adlai E. Stevenson High School


All of the AmeriMUNC staff were excellent. As I had communicated through several emails to the communications team, I was very hesitant & nervous about coming to AmeriMUNC since it was our school's first out-of-state conference. AmeriMUNC did a wonderful job of managing all of my questions, making our students feel welcome, and providing such a well-run Model United Nations simulation. My students have raved about their experience and I can't begin to describe our excitement to return next year!
- Woody Wilder, Advisor | O'Neal School


This was my second year at AmeriMUNC; AmeriMUNC has offered me experiences, friends, and connections I will value and cherish forever. I'd like to thank the people who make AmeriMUNC possible and I hope this conference continues to thrive!
- Sarah | James Hubert Blake High School


This is the best conference I've ever been to! The interlocking committees & the staff were great.
- Chloe | Western Albemarle High School


"I wasn't really interested in International Relations at the beginning of my freshman year but attending the last few AmeriMUNCs has really changed my perspective and caused me to reevaluate my future career"
- Vincent | Poolesville High School


AmeriMUNC was probably the most involved I've ever felt in a conference. It was always exciting, there were always things to do, and the committee was never boring. AmeriMUNC is such a good community filled with great people.
- Janice | Adlai E. Stevenson High School


As a senior, I can say that attending AmeriMUNC was one of the best experiences of the high school career. I loved every minute of being in D.C. with my high school, and participating in this conference. Thank you AmeriMUNC!
- Kaitlyn | Sewanhaka High School


AmeriMUNC was one of the best MUN experiences I've ever had. I was in Press Corps and it was so different from anything I've done before. Every committee had really interesting topics that raised a lot of discussions, especially in crisis committees.
- Eleni | New Hyde Park Memorial


AmeriMUNC has definitely been the best conference I've ever been to. The campus is so nice and clear and everyone is incredibly welcoming. AmeriMUNC helped me open my eyes to the world and I got to meet people from all over the world. Overall it has been an amazing experience and I can't wait to return next year!
- Tea | The O'Neal School


AmeriMUNC was an amazing opportunity to meet people all over the world and learn about the United Nations! I can't wait come back next year!
- Kristina | Westlake Academy


AmeriMUNC was one of the best conferences I've been to; the crisis-GA hybrid was the most interesting thing I've ever done in Model UN.
- Shreya | Poolesville High School


I am a junior at Poolesville High School and I have been doing Model United Nations for almost 5 years. AmeriMUNC is by far my favorite conference. It is incredibly organized and I always have a great time. Thank you for everything! My fourth and final AmeriMUNC will be a bitter sweet experience next year!
- Lahari | Poolesville High School


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