Xinhua Times: China Successfully Addresses Domestic and International Migrants

|Omar Bukhari

China has graciously offered to host migrants from North Korea during its nuclear meltdown crisis.A nuclear meltdown in North Korea has forced the migration of its citizens to China. China is working hard to ensure to stability of its region following the influx of migrants. To provide aid for the North Koreans, China is providing medicine and volunteer doctors. So far, China has been working to create, “vocational school and training, jobs and housing”, for the migrants, quoted by the Water Resources minister Chen Lei.

China is strongly committed to preventing the consequence of climate change and has worked effortlessly to ensure its resolve.  

Hu Zejun, Audit General of China, said that China is working to address this issue by focusing on both, “the people who have been displaced from their homes and our own people as we are improving environmental issues such as air pollution etc”.

Additionally, China is working towards establishing further policies regarding greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, China plans to implement the Traffic Control Bureau to promote the usage of carpooling. Moreover, China is teaching children the impact of C02 to decrease carbon emissions.