Xinhua News: Russian Refugee Conflict and US Unclear Intentions

|Omar Bukhari

The Russian government allegedly in shock after treachery during conflict with the Chechens.“The minister of Defense, Sergey Shoigu, and minister of the Foreign intelligence Service, Alexander Bortnikov, have committed treason by attempting to take control of the Russian Cabinet”, anonymously sourced from a highly ranked intelligence source. Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev denies the allegations of treason.He does admit, however, the uprising in Chechnya has led to an armed revolution. 10,000 troops have been sent across the border to, “fire only if fired at”. Medvedev also stated how 150 Russians and 30 Chechens have died as a result of fighting.

Furthermore, Russia has also created a project to aid peaceful Chechens by providing free available transport into Russia. Russia is also working to establish stronger border control to deal with Islamic terrorism in Chechnya. Russia’s efforts to help refugees has had a positive effect globally. For instance, Russia supported aiding the Baltic State refugee crisis. The US, however, disagreed stating that Russia should not solely moderate the summit.

Russia responded that it could be moderated by multiple countries, but the US remained firm against supporting the Baltic State. In a reported leak, the US did donate $5 million dollars to the Baltic State but only to prove they are better than The Netherlands who donated $1 million. Russia is divided in its political efforts; however, it remains unyielding on the refugee crisis. To the US we ask: what do you make of your intentions?