The New York Times: Corruption, Secrets, and Carelessness: Chaos in the Cabinet of the US


Today in the US Cabinet, Chuck Schumer went on the record, discussing what’s truly happening in the US Cabinet. Firstly, Schumer voiced his concern for the planning of the wall saying that the Cabinet “does not have a plan” yet has allocated 33 billion dollars from the national budget. Currently the budget for US Citizenship and Immigration Services is only three billion dollars, meaning that this new decision would expand the budget by one thousand percent. Not only would this trap the US in deeper economic turmoil, but has resulted in violent opposition from several members of both parties.

Schumer also commented on the extreme level corruption, specifically citing Mike Pence and his interaction with a Russian Correspondent. In his meeting, Schumer expressed his consternation for Pence’s “giant obsession with Trump,” apparently referring to Trump as a god. Schumer claims to have no further knowledge on the nature of Pence’s involvement with said Russian Correspondent but urges for an investigation into Pence’s level of corruption.

However, Pence is not alone in this cycle of lies and deceit. An anonymous source within the Cabinet of the United States exposed CIA Director Mike Pompeo for apparently ordering the massacre of undocumented immigrants. Pompeo has reportedly confessed this early today while in the cabinet.

Allegedly, the US Cabinet remains idle on the topic of fundamental internal political issues while in session and instead has been colluding in the assassination of multiple world leaders. Cabinet members are reportedly formulating plots to “take over [it’s] enemies,” according to an anonymous member of the cabinet.

It’s absolutely barbaric and revolting that the US Cabinet has not taken further steps to impeach both Pompeo and Pence for their actions. From an outside perspective, the cabinet itself is a mess, as cabinet members betray one another and the phrase “bipartisan agreement” remains unheard of.

While it remains clear that democratic and republican parties will not compromise on any internal issues, it’s terrifying the level of accordance within the cabinet on the subject of world domination. While the topic of immigration is largely ignored, a new and terrifying question persists: what are the United States’s new expansionist plans for the rest of the world?