The Moscow Times: The Chaos and Corruption of the Russian Cabinet

|Janice Lee

In the midst of conflict with Chechnya, the Russian cabinet has been indulging in a series of alarming actions that places suspicion upon the motives of the Russian government as a whole. US involvement is also prevalent in these corrupt Russian actions, and require sincere questioning regarding the legitimacy of control within the government.

A report from a member of the Russian cabinet who asked to be anonymous describes Mike Pompeo, CIA director, supplying guns to Chechnya which establishes an element of US participation in the Chechnya conflict. Sergey Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Russian cabinet has been found to have supported the action of Pompeo. “I’ve heard rumors that he [Pompeo] was working with the Russian SVR... he’s a guy with glasses and he’s wearing a blue three-piece suit... Foreign Affairs,” said the Russian minister supplying this information. “He wanted to take control of Chechnya for himself, according to rumor.” The rumor has not yet been confirmed.

Alexander Bortnikov, the director of FSB, has openly come out in front of the Russian cabinet as ‘pro-assassination,’ and the anonymous source has reported that Bortnikov has said ‘Russia has done it [assassination] before, and we should do it again in the future.’Bortnikov has even attempted assassination towards another cabinet member, which has been confirmed by the anonymous Russian cabinet member.“[Bortnikov’s] assassination only failed because the target was already dead by the time he tried to kill him,” the source said.

The Minister of Communications and Mass Media, Nikolai Nikiforov, has almost been murdered, but luckily dodged an assassination attempt from one of the cabinet members. It has been confirmed that a member of the Russian cabinet ordered this assassination, however it is not known which member.Another main issue regarding the Chechnya crisis in general are the armed militants being minors. Bortnikov had this knowledge in mind when he offered his own opinion on the matter.

“We can't just give them cupcakes and hope they switch sides,” the anonymous source said, speaking about Bortnikov on the topic of armed militants.Security of government secrets is also being called into question, as plans and information on how to build nuclear bombs were leaked to a Chechnya insurgence.“I think they [the Russian cabinet] might try to kill me,” said the anonymous source, displaying great levels of fear. The source is currently alive and safe.