​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bakhtar News Agency: Terrorist Attack on Al Salam Bridge

|Jake Austin

At an unknown time late Friday night, there was a confirmed bombing of the Al Salam Bridge. Multiple sources have reported that numerous people were injured during the blast, but no confirmed casualties. After the blast, Egypt shut down the Suez Canal, therefore stopping all shipments going through the Canal for now. The Egyptian Government has also permitted that NATO send 200 troops to assist in the construction and rebuilding of the bridge. Although not confirmed, many believe the Middle-Eastern terrorist group ISIS is behind the attack, due to their recent bombing of an Egyptian mosque in late November of last year. The Bridge is located in the town of El Qantara, a small city in northern Egypt. The Bridge is also one of only two that cross the Suez Canal and is the only bridge that cars can use to cross the bridge. This Bridge is essential for ground traffic between Western and Eastern Egypt as there is no other way for cars to cross the canal. Without the Bridge, the only way to cross the canal will be the El Ferdan Railway Bridge which is only accessible by train. The shutting down of the Canal will also have a massive effect on world shipping industry, as it used for almost all boat shipments going between Asia and the countries in the Mediterranean. The closing of the Canal along with the destruction of the Bridge will have a profound effect on the Egyptian economy and ground transit between Western Egypt and the Middle East.