New York Times: Top US Government Officials Plot War with Russia


|Bev Soriano

A recent investigation into the funding for the Chechen rebels found that multiple US officials have been smuggling weapons to Chechnya. Two top Congressional officials leaked this today, citing that the accused are traitors and “leading the United States into a war it does not want.” Both anonymous sources enumerated three specific members of the United States Cabinet: Rex Tillerson, John Kelly, and Mike Pence. Although the motivations behind the treasonous actions taken by those cabinet members are unclear thus far, the impact has been significant, as other top officials panic and attempt to keep peace with Russia.

This comes directly after evidence confirming the charges against James Mattis and Rick Perry for selling nukes to terrorists. It seems most every member of the United States Cabinet is involved in treasonous affairs, as more and more reports of corruption are leaked by US officials. Accordingly, a top White House official leaked a document declaring Rick perry as responsible for the pipeline explosion earlier this week. Top Secret bank statements show that there was regular payment into Perry’s offshore account in Colombia. Perry’s official motivation for exploding the pipeline is yet to be exposed.

Many US Officials are urging for a thorough investigation into both Perry’s involvement in the disaster and Mattis, Kelly, and Pence’s possible treason. As more US Cabinet members are being exposed for various crimes, it’s clear that those who are still enjoying their anonymity will soon be exposed by others in the Cabinet.