Moscow Times: Waves of Refugees Search for Save Havens

|Janice Lee

Honduras is facing a daunting decision: should refugees be kept inside of the country, or should they find separate countries to call their new home?

This is a common question among nations that are less developed in the economic world, but have an overabundance of people living inside of its borders. The delegate of Honduras in the UNODC has expressed the necessity for national stability to further address the refugee crisis.

“Honduras has always had legislation that effectively deals with culture and religion clashes such as offering freedom of religion to all of its citizens, so that isn’t the main issue,” the Honduras delegate said. “The problem is that countries such as Honduras lack stability in all forms: political, social, economic, and so much more.”

As sea levels are rising, natural disasters such as typhoons are beginning to flood nations like China with destruction. Recognizing such dangers, China is looking into specific short term and long term goals to lessen the drastic impact of climate change.

“We are looking into agricultural solutions to help the refugees which can offer job opportunities, the possibility of solar energy, moving people inland to be less affected by natural disasters, and even international law changes,” the delegation from China of the UNEP said. “There is a lack of a clear definition for climate refugees, however the impact of climate change is real.”

China sets an example for other large countries to participate in climate change law changes, as well as even accepting refugees temporarily

“China would like citizens to stay in their respective countries, however when met with intense devastation, is willing to offer a temporary home.” the Chinese delegate. “While we are offering this temporary home, as soon as a sense of stability is returned, we want refugees to go back home due to the difference in culture.”

Taking small steps have led to China partnering with the United States to make new laws or law revisions to deal with climate change and the affected refugees, and are currently working towards future regulations.