Moscow Times: Prime Minister Edouard Philippe Free, Florence Parly Guilty

|Janice Lee

In a recent trial debating the innocence, or guilt, of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly, Philippe was found not guilty while Parly was convicted of corruption and replaced by another authority figure.\

Recently, France had experienced a devastating tragedy involving twelve French citizens that have died due to a Metro train explosion. Initially refugee terrorists were blamed as responsible for the attack, however a member of the French cabinet was found to have caused this disaster. Philippe and Parly were the main suspects for this crime.

“We received news of a crisis that the Armed Forces Minister had suspected me based on a rumor that he heard,” Philippe said, speaking of direct evidence that proved his innocence.

“It was confirmed through multiple outlets that the Armed Forces Minister was responsible.” Philippe revealed incriminating evidence that depicts Parly as a corrupt government official. Through the Prime Minister’s personal resources, he discovers many faults at hand with the Armed Forces Minister, ranging from inappropriate communication to unsuitable secret relations. “In addition to this, I launched an investigation in my capacity as Prime Minister to see if the Armed Forces minister’s financial records or any other information could implicate him,” Philippe said. “I did find that in an update from my intelligence that he had communications with vendors of the black market.”

As Philippe informed the Moscow Times of this information, he handed a note including to a press reporter from the Moscow Times that definitively verified this information.

“I decided I would go up to speak for trial just to clear my name, and the rest of the cabinet voted to advance me and the Armed Forces Minister to the next stage of the trial,” Philippe said. “I was not allowed to be present in the Armed Forces testimony, but based on what I heard from others, he said that he had communicated with me about the attack and that I had knowledge about his relationship with the rebel government.” Philippe has stated that he is not guilty, has offered the Moscow Times as well as his cabinet members evidence, and says that his main reason for desiring to be proven innocent is to push his plans for improving public opinion.

“The French, British, and People’s Republic of China are working on this plan to move migrants out of our country to Britain and China where they could help sectors of the economy that really need help while also staying safe,” Philippe said.