Moscow Times: Mike Pence "Prayses" Trump's Immigration Policies

|Janice Lee

Vice President Mike Pence responded to backlash over the United States’ immigration policy in which refugees are not often accepted into the country or severely delayed with an “America First” attitude, along with a shocking statement declaring that “Trump was chosen by God.”

“I would just like to say that immigration in America has been one of our forefront issues, we must focus on our own people,” Pence said. “We are committed to helping the American people before everyone else.”

Pence goes further to recognize that the immigration crisis should be the job of all UN nations, as it is a “world crisis, not just related to America.” Due to this, Pence has announced that US laws and regulations regarding refugee aid and immigration will be tightened, and has asked the UN to step in and deal with this problem instead of giving the US a majority of the burden.

“This is not strictly a US issue, and we refuse to help with it ourselves, because that involves too much strain on our budget,” Pence said. “This is essential because in future policy America will not be forcibly dragged into any conflict by itself.”

Pence, however, does not wish for any tensions to exist between governments. He has stated that open communication is key and it is a main priority of all governments, not just America, to be able to keep communication in this matter.

In the midst of this, Pence has stated his firm support in President Donald Trump’s immigration policy of furthering restrictions on acceptance of refugees into the United States. He supports it to the point where he believes that President Trump is a “god.”

“We [speaking on behalf of the entire US cabinet] firmly support his ideas and we believe he [Donald Trump] is the sole god-led leader, and god-chosen leader, and therefore we support him, Pence said. “God chosen.”

As of right now, the US is dealing with a catastrophic crisis regarding an explosion of a pipeline connected from New York to DC, these areas are currently void of resources and need aid according to Pence himself.