Moscow Times: Chinese Communication Leads to Brutal Death of Russian Officer

|Janice Lee

Chen Wenqing, the minister of state security in the Chinese cabinet, has just been found to have made private communications toward a Russian government officer. However, the repercussions of this action has resulted in the catastrophic death of an officer that was sent in to talk with Wenqing.

The Chinese cabinet had just revealed that one of the main issues they face is how to effectively deal with the North Korean crisis and the resulting influx of refugees. In response to the question of what possible solutions they had to address that specific problem, Wenqing had initially offered his plans.

“I have currently come up with a comprehensive plan to tackle the issue,” Wenqing said. “It is now being passed to be approved by the rest of my cabinet members.” There are no specifics of the plan at this time.

A press reporter from the Moscow Times had questioned the Chinese ministers what their potential solutions to achieving political stability within state and globally consisted of, and what advice they had for Russian government to deal with their own current political tensions. Wenqing again had his own perspective to offer on the matter.

“The Chinese ministers would like to tell Russia that they should work with other powerful nations in order to achieve their stability goals,” Wenqing said. “While working within the country’s government is important, it is still crucial to collaborate with other countries.”

While Wenqing has offered innovative solutions to many problems surrounding China, it has appears that espionage and inappropriate communications are some of the acts that Wenqing has participated in.

As a government official was revealing these facts about Wenqing, the Moscow Times press reporter was escorted out of the conference room. Due to this, the possible punishment Wenqing is receiving is currently unknown, and there is instability of security within the Chinese government.