Der Spiegel: The Rise of New Nazis

|Eleni  Kothesakis

With discussion of the Syrian refugee crisis sending a shock wave throughout the globe, the rise of the Movement for a Pure Europe has drastically changed the stance that many European nations have on refugees within their nations as well as other nations.

“We are done with suppression of our own people and policies,” stated a member of the Movement for a Pure Europe. As a result of this uprising, both Germany and Poland are no longer taking in refugees. This comes as a surprise to Germany, especially after the recent strong stance that the country had taken on supporting refugees.

The German government has been too weak on their stance of refugees as they have with many other political issues within not only the nation, but within the entire world. Germany cannot repeat history and go back into this society of white supremacy and nationalism. We can’t let far right nationalists define our history. We’ve gone down this road before and as a nation, as a people, we know how our nation will end up.

To solve this imperative issue within Europe, the UNSC has done nothing to solve the immediate issue of finding a place for these refugees who were expected to go to Poland and Germany before it was announced that their borders would be closed to refugees. This lack of effort made by the UNSC is appalling. The lives of these refugees are at stake and by ignoring them they are therefore part of the problem and not the solution.

The rise of the Movement for a Pure Europe was announced shortly after several countries showed a weak stance on the topic within UNSC. Avoiding their role as a world leader, the United States has taken the stance of focusing more on sending financial aid than helping the issue directly.

In addition to avoiding the problem, the UNSC is avoiding the press. Despite their efforts to shut us out, Der Spiegel, as well as many other news organizations, are diligently trying to find information and expose what it is that UNSC is trying to hide from the press.