Der Spiegel: Coup in Turkey Leads to 78,000 Displaced Peoples

|Eleni Kothesakis

While meeting at Trump Towers in Istanbul , the President of the United States and the President of Turkey were surrounded by members of the Turkish army as they were staging a coup d’etat. This sign of aggression has been seen as a move towards an increased presence of ISIS within Turkey.

Along with the coup against the U.S. and Turkish leaders, there are also members of the Turkish military blocking Syrian refugees from entering the country. As of right now the leaders are both safe, but currently there are 78,000 displaced Turkish people. Up until their coup, ISIS has not been as prevalent in Turkey as much as it has in other nations such as Syria, but now with this rising level of displaced people in only three days, the response towards this situation must be made so one more day doesn’t have to go by where even more people are displaced due to actions by ISIS in Turkey.

Currently, members of the UNSC have been intensely focusing on finding solutions for this current refugee crisis, but is their debate enough to find an adequate solution? While speaking with the delegates from France and the United Kingdom, it seemed as if the UNSC has been focusing mostly on the general solution of the refugee crisis rather than the immediate issue of the Turkish refugees and the Turkish coup responsible for it. These delegates, as well as many others, are focusing on humanitarian aid. The United Kingdom, for example, has been providing a lot of aid for countries taking in refugees. Both the UK and France are working together with other delegates to create refugee camps in Syria as well as placing peacekeepers there.

Exact details about immediate action that the UNSC is planning to take has yet to be determined and passed, but Der Spiegel hopes that the delegates of this committee pay attention to the immediate threat- the increasing rate of displaced people within Turkey.