Der Spiegel: A Traitor Within NATO

|Eleni Kothesakis

There has been a recent crisis in NATO in which the President of Ukraine and the President of Belarus have made official statements regarding an action made by an anonymous member of NATO. This anonymous member dropped weapons and arms in Belarus despite it being a close ally to Russia. Despite their anger over the weapons dropped in their country, the President of Belarus has decided to keep them. The presidents urged the members of NATO to do what they can to prevent another world war. Someone in the committee has sent these weapons to Belarus, but who did it?

Being the second time an anonymous member of NATO has caused chaos within the NATO committee, delegates are adamant about finding out who this anonymous delegate could have been. The delegation of Romania called this traitor a “fool” and stated that their acts were “atrocious” because many countries are strapped for funds, yet this member was able to find the funds to pay for these weapons but can’t pay the membership.Some members, such as Poland, believed that it would be best to stay united fas to not seem weak. Many members of NATO believe it would be best to come forward because as a united body, NATO would not be able to stand if they had a traitor amongst themselves.