Daily News Egypt: Russian Jet “Accident” Causes At Least Four Deaths

|Thomas Gessner

Daily News Egypt was given a leaked document from an unknown source that discusses a Russian plane crash. DNE was originally given a redacted document, excluding the amount of deaths, locations, and the name of the ship. DNE found it integral to release this information to the people. Here is the full, unredacted document:




Begin Briefing:

At 1131 CET (Central European Time), a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 collided with the German frigate Lubeck. The Bremen-class F214 Lubeck was on a routine patrol north of Gdansk, Poland when the Russian jet attempted to buzz the ship. In the process of the maneuver, the aircraft descended suddenly and crashed into the Lubeck. The jet scraped across the side of the vessel before careening into the sea.

The pilot was killed in the crash and has yet to be identified by the Russian government. The collision did significant damage to the port side of the frigate and resulted in the deaths of three sailors. There are still an unknown number of sailors trapped in the damaged hull. The frigate  has docked in Gdansk and a full inspection is underway. The most recent inspections report that the ship is unlikely to be redeployed without a massive overhaul of the damaged regions.

As of now, the Russian government has made no statement regarding the incident. This is the latest in a series of close encounters involving Russian aircraft, however this is the first to result in an accident.