Daily News Egypt: Russia and US Display Disdain for Press

By Thomas Gessner | February 3rd, 2018

On Saturday the third of February, Daily News Egypt sat in on the UNSC as they debated a Russian directive to create de-escalation zones in countries with high percentages of displaced people, specifically in Syria, where Russia commented that they have helped in the stability of Syria for years. One representative from The United Kingdom stated, “This is a pretty good directive for the short term”. The consensus from the committee was that this was a short-term solution that would work, but countries like Sweden asked if the UNSC should be focusing on short-term solutions instead of more viable long-lasting ones. Sadly, DNE was not able to read the directive because the UNSC decided to remove the press out from their session. This was spearheaded by Russia and The United States of America. The UNSC does not typically allow press to sit in, and DNE was honored to get this chance, but the way in which the delegations handled this situation was offensive to say the least. The U.S. personally told DNE that they would prefer “American” news companies to be in the room. The United States has previously “played favorites” with news organizations, for example when President Donald Trump kicked out Jim Acosta of CNN after he began to ask questions that were unfavorable to the President. The DNE understands that the president of the United States or any country or committee has the right to “kick out” the press after they previously invited them, but this should be very worrying for all news organizations since these politicians could easily abuse their power and silence the press. It is our job to inform the people, and we cannot inform the people if we are constantly censored and controlled.