Daily News Egypt: Meltdown in NK Erodes to China

|Thomas Gessner

On Friday, February 3rd, there was a nuclear meltdown in North Korea. This meltdown had many devastating effects for both North Korea and China. DNE along with three other news groups went to a press conference held by the Chinese cabinet. The cabinet was gracious enough to share as much information as possible with our groups. The Chinese cabinet told DNE that the cause of the nuclear meltdown in North Korea was from a safety malfunction. China also stated that they are working to make sure that the meltdown does not reach China. China wasn’t able to disclose if there was any communication between North Korea and China, but it is very likely. The Chinese cabinet had to hold back a lot of other information, and the meeting only lasted a short five minutes. China is currently facing a myriad of problems. Not only is there a nuclear disaster on their hands, but they also have to deal with both mass immigration and mass pollution, to name a few. Hopefully, China will be able to pull together its resources and people to come together and solve these issues.