BBC: Beginning of a Fourth Reich?

|Connor Lynch

As the United Nations Security Council works towards how to better deal with influxes of refugees, they were confronted with a new issue. Josef Wagner, the leader of the Movement for a Pure Europe, announced that, “We are done with the suppression of our people and policies.” Poland and Germany, who accept a large portion of refugees accepted in Europe, have closed their borders to outsiders. It was reported to the UNSC that this has caused violence in the Balkans and that the problem must be addressed immediately. After this was shared to the Security Council the press was instantly removed from the room. After only being allowed to question a delegate from the United Kingdom’s for several minutes, where it was disclosed that the immediate crisis had been pushed off so countries could continue pushing their original agendas on the floor, an anonymous delegate informed several reporters that there was no discussion on the immediate issue. The world’s largest international power has decided that each countries individual agendas are more important than then the stability of Europe, and maybe even the world. The allowance of a European purity group controlling a country allowed the Holocaust to happen. The ignorance of international organizations to deal with this issues could lead to the another mass genocide and another world war. Besides the possible allowance of a twenty-first century holocaust, the Security Council has also decided to push their own agendas instead of dealing with unrest in the Balkans, they not only decided not to act on this crisis they didn’t even ask for more information on what unrest there was in the Balkans. Another United Kingdom’s delegate said that, “ The Security Council is doing stuff.” The BBC will continue to report on this issue when the Security Council makes progress to report on.