Bakhtar News: Terrorist Attempt to Bomb Britain

|Jake Austin

Early on the Saturday morning of February 3, a biochemical weapon was discovered by British Police in the Channel Tunnel that connects the UK and France. According to the Secretary of State for Defence, the bomb was found due to a tip given to the UK from France that stated concerns of a sometype of explosive being in the tunnel. In response to this tip the British Government increased security in the tunnel and because of that were able to locate and disable the bomb. Secretary of State for Defence, Gavin Williamson, commented on the bomb, “If [the bomb] had exploded, it would have killed everyone in a 2 mile radius ... The implications of it going off would have stretched far beyond a terrorist attack and resulted in the deaths of thousands of individuals”. Other Members of the UK cabinet also providing informations stating that the bomb was found in a train station and would not have been found without the tip from the French. The responses on how to handle the situation and find the criminal varied though. Many thought it would be a good idea to let M16 handle the investigation but others like Chairman of Conservative Party, Brandon Lewis, believed it would be a good idea to detain all suspicious people until the attacker is found. As of now there has been no report of the attacker being found or seen.