Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN): Will Egypt-Ethiopia Crisis Raise Awareness of Venezuela's Weak Border Security

|Eric Han

During the UNODC meeting on Saturday, February 3rd, a crisis broke out and caused immediate responses from delegates. Ethiopia has constructed a dam across the Nile which flows from South to North into the Mediterranean. The construction of the dam would cause water shortage for residential and agricultural usage in Egypt. The International community feared that a refugee crisis would start in that area. In the UNODC session, human trafficking is the main topic of discussion. Due to the fact that refugees are usually the victims of human trafficking, border security was the main topic of the discussion.

As a state-owned news agency, AVN worked closely with the Venezuelan delegate to figure out what’s Venezuela’s Bolivian government’s take on this issue. Quoting the delegate: “We are working with other countries who have struggled to impose laws to strengthen borders due to economic struggle. It is well known to the world that Venezuela is suffering from an economic turmoil. Without the help, especially in the form of financial aid, Venezuela is not able to secure its borders. If the neighboring countries fear Venezuelan refugees due to the civil unrest would flee to their countries, substantial financial help would be necessary. As the UNODC is still in session, further updates regarding the stance of Venezuela will be posted. Stay tuned.