Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN): Update from UNSC

|Eric Han

With the heated situation over the Syrian refugee crisis, the United Nations Security Council is currently in session on February 3rd to discuss possible short-term and long-term solutions for those fleeing their homeland to escape the ongoing conflicts.

During the opened session which press organizations have access to, two sides of the debate is obvious. Russia is leading the states supportive of the de-escalation zones, which seems like a favorable temporary solution. Although facing strong oppositions coming from the delegates of Sweden and the United Kingdom, stating that a “short-term solution” would not be helpful to alleviate the crisis, the Russian delegate firmly states that the safety of the Syrian refugees should be granted as the first priority. Russia also favors settling the refugees in their home country after the stabilizing of the conflicts instead of moving them into countries not welcoming them.

Just as more detailed information regarding the de-escalation zone would be discussed, the delegate from the United States demanded a closed session to exclude the press organizations. The United States delegate is ignorant that the press organizations would provide detailed reports on this urgent issue to the people, who deserves the right to know this critical event discussed.

When leaving from the UNSC, our reporter finds out from an anonymous source that a Russian fighter jet just crashed into a German frigate north of Poland. Tensions between Russia and the United States are intensifying while the Syrian refugees were still trapped in the War zone with very limited resources.

What to do with the refugees? We will find out in the next few hours.