New York Times: Top US Government Officials Plot War with Russia


|Bev Soriano

A recent investigation into the funding for the Chechen rebels found that multiple US officials have been smuggling weapons to Chechnya. Two top Congressional officials leaked this today, citing that the accused are traitors and “leading the United States into a war it does not want.” Both anonymous sources enumerated three specific members of the United States Cabinet: Rex Tillerson, John Kelly, and Mike Pence. Although the motivations behind the treasonous actions taken by those cabinet members are unclear thus far, the impact has been significant, as other top officials panic and attempt to keep peace with Russia.

This comes directly after evidence confirming the charges against James Mattis and Rick Perry for selling nukes to terrorists. It seems most every member of the United States Cabinet is involved in treasonous affairs, as more and more reports of corruption are leaked by US officials. Accordingly, a top White House official leaked a document declaring Rick perry as responsible for the pipeline explosion earlier this week. Top Secret bank statements show that there was regular payment into Perry’s offshore account in Colombia. Perry’s official motivation for exploding the pipeline is yet to be exposed.

Many US Officials are urging for a thorough investigation into both Perry’s involvement in the disaster and Mattis, Kelly, and Pence’s possible treason. As more US Cabinet members are being exposed for various crimes, it’s clear that those who are still enjoying their anonymity will soon be exposed by others in the Cabinet.

Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN): Will Egypt-Ethiopia Crisis Raise Awareness of Venezuela's Weak Border Security

|Eric Han

During the UNODC meeting on Saturday, February 3rd, a crisis broke out and caused immediate responses from delegates. Ethiopia has constructed a dam across the Nile which flows from South to North into the Mediterranean. The construction of the dam would cause water shortage for residential and agricultural usage in Egypt. The International community feared that a refugee crisis would start in that area. In the UNODC session, human trafficking is the main topic of discussion. Due to the fact that refugees are usually the victims of human trafficking, border security was the main topic of the discussion.

As a state-owned news agency, AVN worked closely with the Venezuelan delegate to figure out what’s Venezuela’s Bolivian government’s take on this issue. Quoting the delegate: “We are working with other countries who have struggled to impose laws to strengthen borders due to economic struggle. It is well known to the world that Venezuela is suffering from an economic turmoil. Without the help, especially in the form of financial aid, Venezuela is not able to secure its borders. If the neighboring countries fear Venezuelan refugees due to the civil unrest would flee to their countries, substantial financial help would be necessary. As the UNODC is still in session, further updates regarding the stance of Venezuela will be posted. Stay tuned.


Der Spiegel: A Traitor Within NATO

|Eleni Kothesakis

There has been a recent crisis in NATO in which the President of Ukraine and the President of Belarus have made official statements regarding an action made by an anonymous member of NATO. This anonymous member dropped weapons and arms in Belarus despite it being a close ally to Russia. Despite their anger over the weapons dropped in their country, the President of Belarus has decided to keep them. The presidents urged the members of NATO to do what they can to prevent another world war. Someone in the committee has sent these weapons to Belarus, but who did it?

Being the second time an anonymous member of NATO has caused chaos within the NATO committee, delegates are adamant about finding out who this anonymous delegate could have been. The delegation of Romania called this traitor a “fool” and stated that their acts were “atrocious” because many countries are strapped for funds, yet this member was able to find the funds to pay for these weapons but can’t pay the membership.Some members, such as Poland, believed that it would be best to stay united fas to not seem weak. Many members of NATO believe it would be best to come forward because as a united body, NATO would not be able to stand if they had a traitor amongst themselves.

Moscow Times: Prime Minister Edouard Philippe Free, Florence Parly Guilty

|Janice Lee

In a recent trial debating the innocence, or guilt, of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly, Philippe was found not guilty while Parly was convicted of corruption and replaced by another authority figure.\

Recently, France had experienced a devastating tragedy involving twelve French citizens that have died due to a Metro train explosion. Initially refugee terrorists were blamed as responsible for the attack, however a member of the French cabinet was found to have caused this disaster. Philippe and Parly were the main suspects for this crime.

“We received news of a crisis that the Armed Forces Minister had suspected me based on a rumor that he heard,” Philippe said, speaking of direct evidence that proved his innocence.

“It was confirmed through multiple outlets that the Armed Forces Minister was responsible.” Philippe revealed incriminating evidence that depicts Parly as a corrupt government official. Through the Prime Minister’s personal resources, he discovers many faults at hand with the Armed Forces Minister, ranging from inappropriate communication to unsuitable secret relations. “In addition to this, I launched an investigation in my capacity as Prime Minister to see if the Armed Forces minister’s financial records or any other information could implicate him,” Philippe said. “I did find that in an update from my intelligence that he had communications with vendors of the black market.”

As Philippe informed the Moscow Times of this information, he handed a note including to a press reporter from the Moscow Times that definitively verified this information.

“I decided I would go up to speak for trial just to clear my name, and the rest of the cabinet voted to advance me and the Armed Forces Minister to the next stage of the trial,” Philippe said. “I was not allowed to be present in the Armed Forces testimony, but based on what I heard from others, he said that he had communicated with me about the attack and that I had knowledge about his relationship with the rebel government.” Philippe has stated that he is not guilty, has offered the Moscow Times as well as his cabinet members evidence, and says that his main reason for desiring to be proven innocent is to push his plans for improving public opinion.

“The French, British, and People’s Republic of China are working on this plan to move migrants out of our country to Britain and China where they could help sectors of the economy that really need help while also staying safe,” Philippe said.

Xinhua News: Russian Refugee Conflict and US Unclear Intentions

|Omar Bukhari

The Russian government allegedly in shock after treachery during conflict with the Chechens.“The minister of Defense, Sergey Shoigu, and minister of the Foreign intelligence Service, Alexander Bortnikov, have committed treason by attempting to take control of the Russian Cabinet”, anonymously sourced from a highly ranked intelligence source. Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev denies the allegations of treason.He does admit, however, the uprising in Chechnya has led to an armed revolution. 10,000 troops have been sent across the border to, “fire only if fired at”. Medvedev also stated how 150 Russians and 30 Chechens have died as a result of fighting.

Furthermore, Russia has also created a project to aid peaceful Chechens by providing free available transport into Russia. Russia is also working to establish stronger border control to deal with Islamic terrorism in Chechnya. Russia’s efforts to help refugees has had a positive effect globally. For instance, Russia supported aiding the Baltic State refugee crisis. The US, however, disagreed stating that Russia should not solely moderate the summit.

Russia responded that it could be moderated by multiple countries, but the US remained firm against supporting the Baltic State. In a reported leak, the US did donate $5 million dollars to the Baltic State but only to prove they are better than The Netherlands who donated $1 million. Russia is divided in its political efforts; however, it remains unyielding on the refugee crisis. To the US we ask: what do you make of your intentions?

Daily News Egypt: Meltdown in NK Erodes to China

|Thomas Gessner

On Friday, February 3rd, there was a nuclear meltdown in North Korea. This meltdown had many devastating effects for both North Korea and China. DNE along with three other news groups went to a press conference held by the Chinese cabinet. The cabinet was gracious enough to share as much information as possible with our groups. The Chinese cabinet told DNE that the cause of the nuclear meltdown in North Korea was from a safety malfunction. China also stated that they are working to make sure that the meltdown does not reach China. China wasn’t able to disclose if there was any communication between North Korea and China, but it is very likely. The Chinese cabinet had to hold back a lot of other information, and the meeting only lasted a short five minutes. China is currently facing a myriad of problems. Not only is there a nuclear disaster on their hands, but they also have to deal with both mass immigration and mass pollution, to name a few. Hopefully, China will be able to pull together its resources and people to come together and solve these issues.

Der Spiegel: Coup in Turkey Leads to 78,000 Displaced Peoples

|Eleni Kothesakis

While meeting at Trump Towers in Istanbul , the President of the United States and the President of Turkey were surrounded by members of the Turkish army as they were staging a coup d’etat. This sign of aggression has been seen as a move towards an increased presence of ISIS within Turkey.

Along with the coup against the U.S. and Turkish leaders, there are also members of the Turkish military blocking Syrian refugees from entering the country. As of right now the leaders are both safe, but currently there are 78,000 displaced Turkish people. Up until their coup, ISIS has not been as prevalent in Turkey as much as it has in other nations such as Syria, but now with this rising level of displaced people in only three days, the response towards this situation must be made so one more day doesn’t have to go by where even more people are displaced due to actions by ISIS in Turkey.

Currently, members of the UNSC have been intensely focusing on finding solutions for this current refugee crisis, but is their debate enough to find an adequate solution? While speaking with the delegates from France and the United Kingdom, it seemed as if the UNSC has been focusing mostly on the general solution of the refugee crisis rather than the immediate issue of the Turkish refugees and the Turkish coup responsible for it. These delegates, as well as many others, are focusing on humanitarian aid. The United Kingdom, for example, has been providing a lot of aid for countries taking in refugees. Both the UK and France are working together with other delegates to create refugee camps in Syria as well as placing peacekeepers there.

Exact details about immediate action that the UNSC is planning to take has yet to be determined and passed, but Der Spiegel hopes that the delegates of this committee pay attention to the immediate threat- the increasing rate of displaced people within Turkey.


Bakhtar News: Terrorist Attempt to Bomb Britain

|Jake Austin

Early on the Saturday morning of February 3, a biochemical weapon was discovered by British Police in the Channel Tunnel that connects the UK and France. According to the Secretary of State for Defence, the bomb was found due to a tip given to the UK from France that stated concerns of a sometype of explosive being in the tunnel. In response to this tip the British Government increased security in the tunnel and because of that were able to locate and disable the bomb. Secretary of State for Defence, Gavin Williamson, commented on the bomb, “If [the bomb] had exploded, it would have killed everyone in a 2 mile radius ... The implications of it going off would have stretched far beyond a terrorist attack and resulted in the deaths of thousands of individuals”. Other Members of the UK cabinet also providing informations stating that the bomb was found in a train station and would not have been found without the tip from the French. The responses on how to handle the situation and find the criminal varied though. Many thought it would be a good idea to let M16 handle the investigation but others like Chairman of Conservative Party, Brandon Lewis, believed it would be a good idea to detain all suspicious people until the attacker is found. As of now there has been no report of the attacker being found or seen.


BBC: U2 Bloody Sunday Revival

|Connor Lynch
The United Kingdom’s cabinet has recently been extremely effective in passing increased security legislation in the wake of Brexit and governing a state in a world where terrorism is on the rise. Part of these new security measures include a new database compiling information on migrants across the European Union making it easier to background check incoming peoples.  After the passing of these new security measures there was a biochemical weapon found in The Channel Tunnel, an underwater tunnel connecting France and the United Kingdom, that could have caused mass devastation. The weapon was powerful enough to devastate an area with a two mile radius. There is current investigation to get more information on where the biochemical weapon was made and what the target of the weapon was, although the passage leads to Folkestone, Kent in England, which is only seventy miles away from London. According to the Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns, the cabinet of the United Kingdom is very pleased with their progress and does not yet have any further comments on the status of the failed biochemical attack. He also disclosed that the person in possession of the weapon was part of an Ireland and Northern Ireland unification movement. The United Kingdom has had many problems with terrorists of similar organizations in the past. This is most known as The Troubles which were conflicts between British police and military and Irish Republican Army groups, which took place in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and England throughout the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, ending with the Good Friday Agreement. The Good Friday Agreement, which set the standards for the relationship between England, Northern Ireland, and Ireland, could now be at stake due to this provocation.

The Moscow Times: The Chaos and Corruption of the Russian Cabinet

|Janice Lee

In the midst of conflict with Chechnya, the Russian cabinet has been indulging in a series of alarming actions that places suspicion upon the motives of the Russian government as a whole. US involvement is also prevalent in these corrupt Russian actions, and require sincere questioning regarding the legitimacy of control within the government.

A report from a member of the Russian cabinet who asked to be anonymous describes Mike Pompeo, CIA director, supplying guns to Chechnya which establishes an element of US participation in the Chechnya conflict. Sergey Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Russian cabinet has been found to have supported the action of Pompeo. “I’ve heard rumors that he [Pompeo] was working with the Russian SVR... he’s a guy with glasses and he’s wearing a blue three-piece suit... Foreign Affairs,” said the Russian minister supplying this information. “He wanted to take control of Chechnya for himself, according to rumor.” The rumor has not yet been confirmed.

Alexander Bortnikov, the director of FSB, has openly come out in front of the Russian cabinet as ‘pro-assassination,’ and the anonymous source has reported that Bortnikov has said ‘Russia has done it [assassination] before, and we should do it again in the future.’Bortnikov has even attempted assassination towards another cabinet member, which has been confirmed by the anonymous Russian cabinet member.“[Bortnikov’s] assassination only failed because the target was already dead by the time he tried to kill him,” the source said.

The Minister of Communications and Mass Media, Nikolai Nikiforov, has almost been murdered, but luckily dodged an assassination attempt from one of the cabinet members. It has been confirmed that a member of the Russian cabinet ordered this assassination, however it is not known which member.Another main issue regarding the Chechnya crisis in general are the armed militants being minors. Bortnikov had this knowledge in mind when he offered his own opinion on the matter.

“We can't just give them cupcakes and hope they switch sides,” the anonymous source said, speaking about Bortnikov on the topic of armed militants.Security of government secrets is also being called into question, as plans and information on how to build nuclear bombs were leaked to a Chechnya insurgence.“I think they [the Russian cabinet] might try to kill me,” said the anonymous source, displaying great levels of fear. The source is currently alive and safe.


Xinhua Times: China Successfully Addresses Domestic and International Migrants

|Omar Bukhari

China has graciously offered to host migrants from North Korea during its nuclear meltdown crisis.A nuclear meltdown in North Korea has forced the migration of its citizens to China. China is working hard to ensure to stability of its region following the influx of migrants. To provide aid for the North Koreans, China is providing medicine and volunteer doctors. So far, China has been working to create, “vocational school and training, jobs and housing”, for the migrants, quoted by the Water Resources minister Chen Lei.

China is strongly committed to preventing the consequence of climate change and has worked effortlessly to ensure its resolve.  

Hu Zejun, Audit General of China, said that China is working to address this issue by focusing on both, “the people who have been displaced from their homes and our own people as we are improving environmental issues such as air pollution etc”.

Additionally, China is working towards establishing further policies regarding greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, China plans to implement the Traffic Control Bureau to promote the usage of carpooling. Moreover, China is teaching children the impact of C02 to decrease carbon emissions.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bakhtar News Agency: Terrorist Attack on Al Salam Bridge

|Jake Austin

At an unknown time late Friday night, there was a confirmed bombing of the Al Salam Bridge. Multiple sources have reported that numerous people were injured during the blast, but no confirmed casualties. After the blast, Egypt shut down the Suez Canal, therefore stopping all shipments going through the Canal for now. The Egyptian Government has also permitted that NATO send 200 troops to assist in the construction and rebuilding of the bridge. Although not confirmed, many believe the Middle-Eastern terrorist group ISIS is behind the attack, due to their recent bombing of an Egyptian mosque in late November of last year. The Bridge is located in the town of El Qantara, a small city in northern Egypt. The Bridge is also one of only two that cross the Suez Canal and is the only bridge that cars can use to cross the bridge. This Bridge is essential for ground traffic between Western and Eastern Egypt as there is no other way for cars to cross the canal. Without the Bridge, the only way to cross the canal will be the El Ferdan Railway Bridge which is only accessible by train. The shutting down of the Canal will also have a massive effect on world shipping industry, as it used for almost all boat shipments going between Asia and the countries in the Mediterranean. The closing of the Canal along with the destruction of the Bridge will have a profound effect on the Egyptian economy and ground transit between Western Egypt and the Middle East.

Daily News Egypt: Russian Jet “Accident” Causes At Least Four Deaths

|Thomas Gessner

Daily News Egypt was given a leaked document from an unknown source that discusses a Russian plane crash. DNE was originally given a redacted document, excluding the amount of deaths, locations, and the name of the ship. DNE found it integral to release this information to the people. Here is the full, unredacted document:




Begin Briefing:

At 1131 CET (Central European Time), a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 collided with the German frigate Lubeck. The Bremen-class F214 Lubeck was on a routine patrol north of Gdansk, Poland when the Russian jet attempted to buzz the ship. In the process of the maneuver, the aircraft descended suddenly and crashed into the Lubeck. The jet scraped across the side of the vessel before careening into the sea.

The pilot was killed in the crash and has yet to be identified by the Russian government. The collision did significant damage to the port side of the frigate and resulted in the deaths of three sailors. There are still an unknown number of sailors trapped in the damaged hull. The frigate  has docked in Gdansk and a full inspection is underway. The most recent inspections report that the ship is unlikely to be redeployed without a massive overhaul of the damaged regions.

As of now, the Russian government has made no statement regarding the incident. This is the latest in a series of close encounters involving Russian aircraft, however this is the first to result in an accident.



The New York Times: Corruption, Secrets, and Carelessness: Chaos in the Cabinet of the US


Today in the US Cabinet, Chuck Schumer went on the record, discussing what’s truly happening in the US Cabinet. Firstly, Schumer voiced his concern for the planning of the wall saying that the Cabinet “does not have a plan” yet has allocated 33 billion dollars from the national budget. Currently the budget for US Citizenship and Immigration Services is only three billion dollars, meaning that this new decision would expand the budget by one thousand percent. Not only would this trap the US in deeper economic turmoil, but has resulted in violent opposition from several members of both parties.

Schumer also commented on the extreme level corruption, specifically citing Mike Pence and his interaction with a Russian Correspondent. In his meeting, Schumer expressed his consternation for Pence’s “giant obsession with Trump,” apparently referring to Trump as a god. Schumer claims to have no further knowledge on the nature of Pence’s involvement with said Russian Correspondent but urges for an investigation into Pence’s level of corruption.

However, Pence is not alone in this cycle of lies and deceit. An anonymous source within the Cabinet of the United States exposed CIA Director Mike Pompeo for apparently ordering the massacre of undocumented immigrants. Pompeo has reportedly confessed this early today while in the cabinet.

Allegedly, the US Cabinet remains idle on the topic of fundamental internal political issues while in session and instead has been colluding in the assassination of multiple world leaders. Cabinet members are reportedly formulating plots to “take over [it’s] enemies,” according to an anonymous member of the cabinet.

It’s absolutely barbaric and revolting that the US Cabinet has not taken further steps to impeach both Pompeo and Pence for their actions. From an outside perspective, the cabinet itself is a mess, as cabinet members betray one another and the phrase “bipartisan agreement” remains unheard of.

While it remains clear that democratic and republican parties will not compromise on any internal issues, it’s terrifying the level of accordance within the cabinet on the subject of world domination. While the topic of immigration is largely ignored, a new and terrifying question persists: what are the United States’s new expansionist plans for the rest of the world?

Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN): Update from UNSC

|Eric Han

With the heated situation over the Syrian refugee crisis, the United Nations Security Council is currently in session on February 3rd to discuss possible short-term and long-term solutions for those fleeing their homeland to escape the ongoing conflicts.

During the opened session which press organizations have access to, two sides of the debate is obvious. Russia is leading the states supportive of the de-escalation zones, which seems like a favorable temporary solution. Although facing strong oppositions coming from the delegates of Sweden and the United Kingdom, stating that a “short-term solution” would not be helpful to alleviate the crisis, the Russian delegate firmly states that the safety of the Syrian refugees should be granted as the first priority. Russia also favors settling the refugees in their home country after the stabilizing of the conflicts instead of moving them into countries not welcoming them.

Just as more detailed information regarding the de-escalation zone would be discussed, the delegate from the United States demanded a closed session to exclude the press organizations. The United States delegate is ignorant that the press organizations would provide detailed reports on this urgent issue to the people, who deserves the right to know this critical event discussed.

When leaving from the UNSC, our reporter finds out from an anonymous source that a Russian fighter jet just crashed into a German frigate north of Poland. Tensions between Russia and the United States are intensifying while the Syrian refugees were still trapped in the War zone with very limited resources.

What to do with the refugees? We will find out in the next few hours.

Moscow Times: Chinese Communication Leads to Brutal Death of Russian Officer

|Janice Lee

Chen Wenqing, the minister of state security in the Chinese cabinet, has just been found to have made private communications toward a Russian government officer. However, the repercussions of this action has resulted in the catastrophic death of an officer that was sent in to talk with Wenqing.

The Chinese cabinet had just revealed that one of the main issues they face is how to effectively deal with the North Korean crisis and the resulting influx of refugees. In response to the question of what possible solutions they had to address that specific problem, Wenqing had initially offered his plans.

“I have currently come up with a comprehensive plan to tackle the issue,” Wenqing said. “It is now being passed to be approved by the rest of my cabinet members.” There are no specifics of the plan at this time.

A press reporter from the Moscow Times had questioned the Chinese ministers what their potential solutions to achieving political stability within state and globally consisted of, and what advice they had for Russian government to deal with their own current political tensions. Wenqing again had his own perspective to offer on the matter.

“The Chinese ministers would like to tell Russia that they should work with other powerful nations in order to achieve their stability goals,” Wenqing said. “While working within the country’s government is important, it is still crucial to collaborate with other countries.”

While Wenqing has offered innovative solutions to many problems surrounding China, it has appears that espionage and inappropriate communications are some of the acts that Wenqing has participated in.

As a government official was revealing these facts about Wenqing, the Moscow Times press reporter was escorted out of the conference room. Due to this, the possible punishment Wenqing is receiving is currently unknown, and there is instability of security within the Chinese government.

Moscow Times: Waves of Refugees Search for Save Havens

|Janice Lee

Honduras is facing a daunting decision: should refugees be kept inside of the country, or should they find separate countries to call their new home?

This is a common question among nations that are less developed in the economic world, but have an overabundance of people living inside of its borders. The delegate of Honduras in the UNODC has expressed the necessity for national stability to further address the refugee crisis.

“Honduras has always had legislation that effectively deals with culture and religion clashes such as offering freedom of religion to all of its citizens, so that isn’t the main issue,” the Honduras delegate said. “The problem is that countries such as Honduras lack stability in all forms: political, social, economic, and so much more.”

As sea levels are rising, natural disasters such as typhoons are beginning to flood nations like China with destruction. Recognizing such dangers, China is looking into specific short term and long term goals to lessen the drastic impact of climate change.

“We are looking into agricultural solutions to help the refugees which can offer job opportunities, the possibility of solar energy, moving people inland to be less affected by natural disasters, and even international law changes,” the delegation from China of the UNEP said. “There is a lack of a clear definition for climate refugees, however the impact of climate change is real.”

China sets an example for other large countries to participate in climate change law changes, as well as even accepting refugees temporarily

“China would like citizens to stay in their respective countries, however when met with intense devastation, is willing to offer a temporary home.” the Chinese delegate. “While we are offering this temporary home, as soon as a sense of stability is returned, we want refugees to go back home due to the difference in culture.”

Taking small steps have led to China partnering with the United States to make new laws or law revisions to deal with climate change and the affected refugees, and are currently working towards future regulations.

Moscow Times: Mike Pence "Prayses" Trump's Immigration Policies

|Janice Lee

Vice President Mike Pence responded to backlash over the United States’ immigration policy in which refugees are not often accepted into the country or severely delayed with an “America First” attitude, along with a shocking statement declaring that “Trump was chosen by God.”

“I would just like to say that immigration in America has been one of our forefront issues, we must focus on our own people,” Pence said. “We are committed to helping the American people before everyone else.”

Pence goes further to recognize that the immigration crisis should be the job of all UN nations, as it is a “world crisis, not just related to America.” Due to this, Pence has announced that US laws and regulations regarding refugee aid and immigration will be tightened, and has asked the UN to step in and deal with this problem instead of giving the US a majority of the burden.

“This is not strictly a US issue, and we refuse to help with it ourselves, because that involves too much strain on our budget,” Pence said. “This is essential because in future policy America will not be forcibly dragged into any conflict by itself.”

Pence, however, does not wish for any tensions to exist between governments. He has stated that open communication is key and it is a main priority of all governments, not just America, to be able to keep communication in this matter.

In the midst of this, Pence has stated his firm support in President Donald Trump’s immigration policy of furthering restrictions on acceptance of refugees into the United States. He supports it to the point where he believes that President Trump is a “god.”

“We [speaking on behalf of the entire US cabinet] firmly support his ideas and we believe he [Donald Trump] is the sole god-led leader, and god-chosen leader, and therefore we support him, Pence said. “God chosen.”

As of right now, the US is dealing with a catastrophic crisis regarding an explosion of a pipeline connected from New York to DC, these areas are currently void of resources and need aid according to Pence himself.

BBC: Beginning of a Fourth Reich?

|Connor Lynch

As the United Nations Security Council works towards how to better deal with influxes of refugees, they were confronted with a new issue. Josef Wagner, the leader of the Movement for a Pure Europe, announced that, “We are done with the suppression of our people and policies.” Poland and Germany, who accept a large portion of refugees accepted in Europe, have closed their borders to outsiders. It was reported to the UNSC that this has caused violence in the Balkans and that the problem must be addressed immediately. After this was shared to the Security Council the press was instantly removed from the room. After only being allowed to question a delegate from the United Kingdom’s for several minutes, where it was disclosed that the immediate crisis had been pushed off so countries could continue pushing their original agendas on the floor, an anonymous delegate informed several reporters that there was no discussion on the immediate issue. The world’s largest international power has decided that each countries individual agendas are more important than then the stability of Europe, and maybe even the world. The allowance of a European purity group controlling a country allowed the Holocaust to happen. The ignorance of international organizations to deal with this issues could lead to the another mass genocide and another world war. Besides the possible allowance of a twenty-first century holocaust, the Security Council has also decided to push their own agendas instead of dealing with unrest in the Balkans, they not only decided not to act on this crisis they didn’t even ask for more information on what unrest there was in the Balkans. Another United Kingdom’s delegate said that, “ The Security Council is doing stuff.” The BBC will continue to report on this issue when the Security Council makes progress to report on.


Der Spiegel: The Rise of New Nazis

|Eleni  Kothesakis

With discussion of the Syrian refugee crisis sending a shock wave throughout the globe, the rise of the Movement for a Pure Europe has drastically changed the stance that many European nations have on refugees within their nations as well as other nations.

“We are done with suppression of our own people and policies,” stated a member of the Movement for a Pure Europe. As a result of this uprising, both Germany and Poland are no longer taking in refugees. This comes as a surprise to Germany, especially after the recent strong stance that the country had taken on supporting refugees.

The German government has been too weak on their stance of refugees as they have with many other political issues within not only the nation, but within the entire world. Germany cannot repeat history and go back into this society of white supremacy and nationalism. We can’t let far right nationalists define our history. We’ve gone down this road before and as a nation, as a people, we know how our nation will end up.

To solve this imperative issue within Europe, the UNSC has done nothing to solve the immediate issue of finding a place for these refugees who were expected to go to Poland and Germany before it was announced that their borders would be closed to refugees. This lack of effort made by the UNSC is appalling. The lives of these refugees are at stake and by ignoring them they are therefore part of the problem and not the solution.

The rise of the Movement for a Pure Europe was announced shortly after several countries showed a weak stance on the topic within UNSC. Avoiding their role as a world leader, the United States has taken the stance of focusing more on sending financial aid than helping the issue directly.

In addition to avoiding the problem, the UNSC is avoiding the press. Despite their efforts to shut us out, Der Spiegel, as well as many other news organizations, are diligently trying to find information and expose what it is that UNSC is trying to hide from the press.