Welcome from the Secretary General

It is both Zach and I’s honor and privilege to welcome you to the 7th session of the American University Model United Nations Conference hosted by American University. Chartered by an act of Congress in 1893, AU has always been defined by its groundbreaking spirit. Before women could vote, they attended American University. When Washington, DC was still segregated, 400 African Americans called American University home. In the thick the reactionary movement against same-sex marriage in the early 2000s, American University elected the first transgender student body president in the nation. While others have shrunk in the presence of tyranny, American University has consistently met the headwinds of injustice head on for the past hundred years.

And that’s exactly what Zach and I love about both American University and AmeriMUNC; we’re not bound by convention. From the start our conference six years ago, we’ve dedicated AmeriMUNC to doing things differently. We scraped 200 delegate GAs, and we’ve never looked back. Last year, we sought to build a more engaging simulation, and the regional interconnected crisis simulation was born. Today, AmeriMUNC is the only conference in the United States to have all of our committees exist in one interconnected simulation. 

Because fundamentally, here at American University, we believe that Model UN deserves so much better than cookie cutter general assemblies and cringe-worthy representations of Darth Vader’s Cabinet. International Diplomacy isn’t role-playing Jabba the Hutt and kidnapping Princess Leia; it’s about having to be the Russian delegation on the UNSC and being forced to simultaneously work with the Ambassador from the United States, and the cabinets of North Korea and Japan. Model UN should be about exploring creative ideas, giving everyone a voice at the table, and encouraging vivid research-based debate on international issues. 

We love AmeriMUNC because every member of our staff believes in each and every syllable of that mission: it’s our calling card, the vision that moves our organization forward. If you’re looking for a TL;DR, here it is: we host AmeriMUNC because we love Model UN. American University is home to the largest school of international service in North America; our faculty includes trailblazers such as Ambassadors Susan Rice and Cecilia Nahon; our conference last year had so many staff applicants that we had to turn away students. To say that International Relations runs through the blood of American University students would be an understatement. American University  lives and breathes International Relations--some in the AU community even die for them. International diplomacy is the thread that makes up the very fabric of our community; it’s the common denominator in our diverse and sometimes divided campus, the foundation of our university. AmeriMUNC is the embodiment of that love for IR; it’s our way of showcasing our university and passion for foreign policy to hundreds of high school students and teachers each year.

As we open registration for the seventh session of the American University Model United Nations Conference, let us be the first to welcome you. On behalf of all of us at American University and AmeriMUNC, we hope you’ll join us for AmeriMUNC VII this February. At any time, If you have any questions, comments or concerns, we hope you reach out to both or either of us.

Sam Raggio & Zach Stahl
Secretary General & Chief Executive Officer
The American University International Relations Society

About AmeriMUNC

The American University Model United Nations Conference (AmeriMUNC) is a three-day Model United Nations conference hosted by American University for high school students in Washington, DC. AmeriMUNC will take place on January 31 - February 2, 2020. 

AmeriMUNC is Fantastically Small. AmeriMUNC gives delegates one promise: no crisis committee will have more than 20 delegates, and no GA will have more than 40 delegations. AmeriMUNC believes that a Model United Nations conference shouldn't be about having to shout-out other students. And with a committee of a hundred or so students, that simply can't happen. Instead, we cap our committees' sizes to facilitate better dialogue, stronger diplomacy, and more chair-to-delegate communication.

Fundamentally, we believe that AmeriMUNC is a learning experience. We place a heavy emphasis on feedback so that delegates can leave AmeriMUNC knowing what they can do to improve. Besides presenting standard Model UN awards, AmeriMUNC also gives post-conference written feedback from chairs and vice chairs to every delegate who attends our conference. We also present the AmeriMUNC Diplomacy Award to one delegate in each committee who exemplifies the attitude of an individual who prioritizes learning, mutual understanding, and respect over winning at all costs.   

AmeriMUNC is hosted on American University's campus in Washington, D.C. Instead of spending registration fees on windowless ballrooms rooms in the basement of a hotel, we splurge on simulation props, smaller and more crisis oriented committees, a delegate dance, complimentary conference meals, and a number of other small details that make AmeriMUNC unique. By hosting our conference on campus, we're also able to negotiate hotel block room rates that are almost $100/night cheaper than other D.C. conferences. In an age of extracurricular funding cuts, this is our attempt to offer a more affordable option to other Model UN Conferences in Washington, D.C.

The Amerimunc staff  mADE UP OVER 180 AU STUDENTS FROM 30 MAJORS

The Amerimunc staff

AmeriMUNC v Keynote speaker  Cecilia Nahon | Ambassador of Argentina to the united states

AmeriMUNC v Keynote speaker
Cecilia Nahon | Ambassador of Argentina to the united states

Amerifest  a Traditional delegate dance with a twist: featuring casino games and other activities

a Traditional delegate dance with a twist: featuring casino games and other activities

Our Mission

At AmeriMUNC, by making committees smaller than the typical classroom, the American University Model United Nations Conference works relentlessly to construct an authentic forum for international relations between delegates, staff, and faculty advisors. 

International Relations Society

The American University International Relations Society (AMIRS) is American University's premier international relations organization. Run fully by students, the organization provides a space for academic discussion and debate, brings in speakers, holds events, and is the umbrella organization which presides over the American University Model United Nations Team, the Washington International Relations Conference (WIRC), and AmeriMUNC.